Offended the Polish scientist said that prevented his country to defeat Hitler


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Offended the Polish scientist said that prevented his country to defeat Hitler

Poland would have won world war II if not the Soviet Union, says Polish journalist and scientist Jakub Koreyba. In his opinion, if the US gives to fight with Russia billions of dollars in funds, Moscow needs to reflect and "change the policy". During the talk show "Time will tell" live on the First channel is a leading Artem Sheinin Koreiba reminded that Russia is not one of those countries that seems to face a strong opponent.

the Reason for the discussion was adopted by the US military budget. Some of his points especially drew the attention of journalists.

The report has an article where the allocated budget for "countering Russian aggression": the $ 4.6 billion is planned to allocate NATO allies to strengthen defense positions in Europe, US; 350 million dollars to Ukraine including lethal weapons; $ 100 million will go to Baltic States to deter Russian threats; $ 58 million – to retaliate against violations of the Russian Federation of the Treaty "on the elimination of medium-range missiles". But it attracted the attention of a leading current-show the amount pledged to fight Islamic state (ISIS, ISIL, the Arab — DAISH is a terrorist organization banned by the Supreme court of the Russian Federation) — 1 billion 800 million dollars.

""If the Americans are willing to invest in dealing with you (from Russia — Approx. FAN) that kind of money, you understand that you need to change your policy? — said the Polish scientist and journalist Jakub Koreyba. — So you have no chance of winning if the US is your main enemy".

Leading talk show Dmitry Sheynin Corabi reminded that Russia, unlike Poland, there is rich experience of retreat in the face of difficulties.

"when?" — killed a leading Polish expert.

"Extreme case was in 1939," said Scheinin.

However, Koreyba fully confident that his country would not give up and continued to fight.

"We continued to fight right up to the moment when we were attacked you, and three weeks afterwards," continued Yakub Koreyba.

he reminded the guest from Poland that in 1939 "the Polish government fled, and the army scattered." However Koreyba sure that the army ran away only after half of the country occupied by the USSR.

"If not for your occupation, we have a war with Hitler was won," said the pole.

he again reminded the interlocutor that the Soviet Union no one occupied, but Russia does not have such a rich experience, as in Poland — to surrender in the face of strong enemy.

"I don't know how you do it in your head take," added he.


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