Syria news 14 Nov 19.30: "Nusra" fired on a peaceful demonstration in Aleppo, the Kurds tighten their control in raqqa


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Syria news 14 Nov 19.30:

Syria 14 November. As a result of attack by fighters of the city of Salhab North-West of Hama the children were killed. The Kurds have imposed a curfew in the al-Mashlab Rakka. "Al-Nusra"*** fired on a peaceful demonstration in Aleppo, according to a military source Federal news Agency (FAN) in Syria Ahmad marzouk (Ahmad Marzouq).


Brief on the outcome of the confrontation

videoconferencing: provide CAA cover on the island in Kati Deir ez Zor.

Syrian Arab army (CAA) and allied powers: fire at positions of the SAA in the area of the Eastern ghouta of Damascus; are shooting with "An-Nusra" to the North-East from Hama.

Islamic state: agreed on negotiating the surrender of the island of Kati in the province of Deir ez Zor; declares the suicide attack near the city of Mayadin Southeast Deir ez Zor.

"Tahrir Al-sham": fired on a peaceful demonstration in the village al-Ataribe in the West Aleppo; is opposed by the CAA to the North of the HOMS.

Kurds: imposed a curfew in the al-Mashlab in the city of Raqqah; blocked the path to the Raqqa from the South.


Damascus Province

a Military source on the social network Twitter (Ghouta_GMC), controlled by the armed opposition, reports that members of the army of Bashar al-Assad continue to keep shelling militant positions on the outskirts of the village Irbin, Harasta and Mashraba.

Militants also reported airstrikes by Syrian warplanes on strengthening the Islamists. We will remind, the government forces repeatedly tried to enter into a peace agreement with the radicals and give them the opportunity to evacuate to the province of Idlib together with their families in exchange for voluntary surrender of their positions in East Huta. However, the militants opposed to the ceasefire. Thus, the command of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) is trying to protect the city from continuous attacks of the radicals, and to avoid casualties among the civilian population.


Province of Aleppo

Opposition news Agency Smart News portal reports that the Islamists of the formation of "Hayat Tahrir Al-sham" opened fire on civilians who gathered for a demonstration in the village al-Ataribe.

Recall that the population of the village is not the first time to hold rallies against "dzhebhat an-Nusra", which leads to disastrous consequences. It is unknown what number of local people injured in the shelling. The inhabitants of many settlements controlled by armed opposition groups, are increasingly involved in the protest, condemning the actions of the terrorist coalition "Tahrir Al-sham".


HOMS governorate

the Official Facebook channel of the national defence forces****** (NDF) (national.defense.homs) sends information about new clashes between the Syrian Arab army (SAA) and militants of the armed opposition based in the area of "Rustavskogo pot", the administrative center of the province. Opponents are shooting near the town of al Gant.

At the moment no information about the losses of the parties has not been received.


Province of Deir ez-Zor

After government forces resumed the offensive on strongholds of the Islamic state on the island of Kati, located North of Deir ez Zor, the leaders of the IG finally decided to negotiate with the command of the Syrian Arab army (SAA), news Agency, Al Masdar News. Recall, the leaders of the terrorist group several times rejected the terms offered the command of the CAA, however, at the moment, the militants will be forced to take the position due to the fact that most of the island has now been released. As reported by the Twitter-channel (IvanSidorenko1), according to some sources, the ISIS terrorists have already passed Huveydzhat Katie. Recall, the troops of Bashar al-Assad sat down at the negotiating table in order to avoid casualties among the civilian population.

News Agency, "al-Amak" controlled by ISIL, reports a new attack by ISIS suicide bomber West of the city Mayadin near the village of al-Hamdan.

In addition, the media wing of ISIS claims that ISIS terrorists destroyed two tanks of the CAA shot anti-tank missile system (ATGM), near the settlement of al-United Kuchma. However, government news portals do not confirm this information.


Province of Dar

According to the news Agency Smart News Agency, a powerful explosion occurred near the highway Samad — Samaj in the East, killing at least three persons from among civilians. According to local sources, the explosive device was laid by the terrorists of the formation of "Jaish Khalid Ibn al-Walid" who have sworn allegiance to Islamic state. Recall, ISIS, the enclave which is located in the South-West of the province, are fighting with the forces of the free Syrian army (FSA), which controls most of the province Dar.


Province of raqqa

it Became known that the Kurdish militia "Asayish" imposed a curfew in the al-Mashlab in the administrative center of the region.

According to the military source on Twitter (Mohamadothman1o), local residents are forbidden to leave their homes from 17 to 6. In addition, according to news Agency 24 Raqqa, the Kurds blocked the path in Rakka from the South. Thus, the Syrian democratic forces**** (SDF) is gradually tightening control over civil freedoms of the people of the province. As previously reported, the region also continues the forced mobilization of all young men of military age.


Province of Hama

Telegram-channel (NRVR11) reported intense clashes between Syrian Arab army (SAA) and the militant Islamist groups to the North-East of the provincial capital.

According to the source, the parties are mutual attacks in the area of human settlements Harp, al Hazm, Shavi and Qasr al-Hamra. We will remind, earlier the government units with the support of the Russian warplanes managed to liberate four villages under the control of the army SAR went Rabia, Mobile, tel Mahesar and Sarh Cable.

meanwhile, it became known that in the attacks of the radical "Dzhebhat EN-Nusra" the city of Salhab injured four civilians, including two children. In addition, serious damage was caused to the infrastructure of the settlement.


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