Waiting for us at the Olympics without a flag and anthem — it's time to hit them in the pocket


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Waiting for us at the Olympics without a flag and anthem — it's time to hit them in the pocket

a Few words on the topical theme of participation vs. non-participation of Russian athletes in international competitions, including the Olympics, under a neutral flag and no national anthem of its country.

Phrase about the fact that in the modern world to the status of the state is only important space missions and gold Competitions, usually attributed to the 35th U.S. President John F. Kennedy.

Most researchers agree that anything like JFК didn't say this phrase unknown outside the "post-Soviet space" and, most likely, is an initiative of the anonymous masters of the word ("em-si"), circles close to the Soviet Kremlin, that is, in its own way expresses a characteristic of the Brezhnev era of "stagnation" concept "peaceful coexistence of two systems" and of "just war":

But we do rockets
And conquer the Yenisei,
As well as in the field of ballet
We are ahead of all

(Yuri Vizbor)

So it is, in General, was: of the 11 summer Olympics in which Soviet athletes participated (1952-1992 years), our team took the championship in the unofficial team standings 7 times, and 10 winter Games (1956-1992) was a too, 7 times, moreover, there are no once the Americans are not behind.

And in space, too, we had everything in order, except for a very questionable defeat in the "moon race" more than half (2372 in 1964-1991 years against 979 in the years 1962-1991) was superior to the American "partners" in number and total tonnage of space launches, including piloted.

But despite all these and many other successes — not only in the big sports and big space, the Soviet Union, however, is what is called "broke". Real or fake — the question is different and is highly controversial, but the fact remains: the state is under a red flag ceased to be a subject of world politics 27 December 1991.

At the same time for the summer Olympics 1992 in Barcelona went a combined team under a neutral flag and no national anthem, which is "the habit" these competitions won, and then the summer Olympics came the era of unchallenged hegemony of American sports, only once, in 2008 in Beijing interrupted by the phenomenal performance of Chinese athletes, well, "houses and walls help".

In General, the share of "great ideology" in sport after 1991, fell sharply, and the share of the "big economy" are dramatically increased. That's the whole key of the current pandemonium WADA and other voodoo around the "Russian doping" is a competition, like dancing around the "Russian hackers" in the presidential election in the United States and "Russian aggression" in Crimea. Say that Stalin in 1951 he accepted an invitation from the IOC on the accession of the USSR to the world Olympic movement only after a hard guarantee that everything will be "fair", without any discrimination of Soviet athletes.

So, gentlemen, comrades, leave their traditional illusions about "Faster! Higher! Harder!" as the Olympic motto now is "More! Popular! Profitable!" And that's all.

You want to market relations? Come and get it! Ideological opponents and business competitors are still different categories of "aliens". And the market, in addition to the notorious "invisible hand", there are other vital organs with which it interacts with those wishing to join it.

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Sports today is just one of the varieties of show business. Require enormous investments and generating huge profits. Why Western corporations there needs competitors? They're not needed, are selected for financial flows.

So, they need to enter the "protective duties" and to kill off the sports industry of third world countries, including Russia, depriving it of the global market. But time will not "sales" — that competitors soon will become extinct, as the Bengal weavers in India. Will not Khorkina or Isinbaeva or Careline or Ovechkina or Zhurovich — no one. Nothing personal, just business, the United States itself.

Well, what is the result? Will our government to take retaliatory measures to protect its brand "Made in Russia" in the global "big sports" for protection from such unfair competition? Or will be quietly that no one heard, cry about it in the corner of their offices?

So no need to "boycott" winter Olympics in 2018, or agree to participate without a flag and anthem, "though the carcass, though the Scarecrow".

Perhaps in response to such unconditional Western rudeness should think about creating an alternative to the Olympics Games, the BRICS or anything like that? The cost will be not so great, and the effect will be enormous.


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