"A new super-bomber": in the US call a Tu-160M2 videoconferencing


2017-11-14 16:00:15




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Washington, November 14. Columnist of the American edition The National Interest Dave Majumdar, speaking about the Russian Tu-160M2, said that the upgraded aircraft will become a "new super-bomber".

His publication is based on the statements fellow at the Center for naval analysis, USA Michael Kofman, specializing in Russia. The reason for it was the message that first updated the submarine needs to rise to the sky in February 2018.

According to Majumdar, the modernization of the "White Swan" is already ahead of schedule, so the bomber can get in the air earlier.

the Tu-160M2 of Air and space forces of the Russian Federation (RF videoconferencing) will be a completely new aircraft, while it will remain almost the same airframe. Updated "White Swan" will also get a new engine NK-32–02 in addition to the latest electronic equipment.

As noted by Kofman, upgraded the engines in the Tu-160M2 significantly safer and more economical, and consequently more effective.

Here he implies increasing the range of the bomber.

Experts conclude that one of the main advantages of high-tech bomber is that it delivers nuclear warning.

Recall that in July this year, the journal National Interest with his American competitor to the B-1B.


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