The U.S. Congress will not revise "nuclear rights" Trump


2017-01-27 05:00:03




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The U.S. Congress will not revise

Washington, January 27. the U.S. Congress soon will consider restricting the powers of the President in the sphere of use of nuclear weapons bill. This was stated by the assistant to the head of the armed services Committee in the U.S. house of representatives Mac Thornberry.

"the head of the Committee sees no need to revise the concept of first strike", — said the assistant to the Senator.

it is Reported that the relevant Committee may not consider a bill without the approval of Thornberry.

Thus his further progress completely stops.

earlier, two senators from the Democratic party, Edward Markey and Ted Lieu introduced house of representatives bill, which prohibits the preventive use of nuclear weapons without a Declaration of war. The law was to deprive the President of the United States the right to launch a nuclear strike first, since the right of declaring war is Congress.


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