Syria: as the helicopters be the main force VC of the Russian Federation against ISIL militants in Deir ez-Zor


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Syria: as the helicopters be the main force VC of the Russian Federation against ISIL militants in Deir ez-Zor

an Important role in the release Deir ez-Zor and the liberation of the territories of the city played a videoconferencing. However, it is noteworthy that in this time acted mainly helicopters. According to experts, rotorcraft became almost the main striking power of aerospace forces in Syria for the first time exceeding in the destruction of militants Islamic state (banned in Russia) indicators of attack aircraft, bombers and fighters.

Recall that Syria act as a proven and well-proven Mi-24 and the latest Mi-28N, Ka-52 and Mi-8AMTSH.

Doctor of military Sciences, columnist of the newspaper "Military-industrial courier" Konstantin Sivkov called Federal news Agency causes the active use of helicopters, Air and space forces of Russia in the Deir ez Zor

"first and foremost, this is because helicopters can more effectively solve the problem of destruction of small objects in the area of direct contact between ground forces.

The armament of the helicopter is small in capacity. This anti-tank rockets and guided missiles, which have a small warhead within two to three, maybe five kilograms, while the armament of the bombers and attack aircraft is combat of very large power: 100, 200, 500 pounds or even half a ton. Accordingly, the arming of helicopters enables use in close proximity to its troops, whereas the ammunition of larger caliber have a greater radius of destruction".

Such a small ammo capacity can be effectively used in:

"This allows you to avoid casualties among the civilian population. Another factor is that the helicopter flies at a very low speed, at low altitude.

This allows a more reliable experience with the army, and, consequently, to ensure interaction not on the operational and tactical level, with individual units that dramatically increases their combat efficiency."

the Expert noted that the helicopters because of their performance (low speed flight, the ability of hovering and flight at low altitudes) can successfully use them within the city for the decision of tasks in support of ground forces:

"It also increases the efficiency of use of helicopters in urban areas, and what can be done with the use of bombers and attack aircraft. Well, finally, it is important to note that the fighters of air defense, able to effectively counter the Russian attacks videoconferencing from the air, no. Because our aircraft to avoid loss, apply such types of airplanes or helicopters, which can't be affected by ground-based enemy air defenses, that is fighters "Islamic state" (banned in Russia)".

the Complex of these factors, according to the expert, and contributes to the fact that helicopters during the battle near the town of Deir ez Zor, in the territories under Deir ez-Zor and the surrounding heights are used more actively than small aircraft, especially bombers.

Our source also likened the actions of the videoconferencing air operations international coalition headed by the United States of America:

"the international coalition is not able to provide the basing of aviation in Syria, although they did some airfields. Small helicopters have a combat radius of about 100-150 miles, not more.

While the plane can fly 500-600 miles."

the Second point highlighted by the expert, is that, apparently, the international coalition led by the United States of America, does not have the ability to organize tactical interaction of helicopters with ground forces:

"Because the helicopters most effectively can act in conjunction with ground troops. Troops on the ground is the Kurds. Apparently, to ensure the stay of their forward air controllers or to teach the Kurds, the US can't. So they work aircraft.

Besides, unlike Russia, the United States and its allies are not particularly eager to save the towns, settlements and population in the course of their fighting. Example — Iraq Mosul".


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