Syria: ISIS retreats in the Eastern part of HOMS


2017-09-14 07:00:04




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Syria: ISIS retreats in the Eastern part of HOMS

Palmyra, September 14. Under the blows of the VC of the Russian Federation and the Syrian army forces terrorists of the "Islamic state" (a group banned in Russia) withdrew from some settlements in the Eastern part of HOMS province. The Syrian Arab army entered in 14 settlements, where they had been pushed out ISIS militants, and took six of the strategically important heights.

As reported by Arab Agency, Al Masdar military sources in Palmyra, during the heavy fighting the troops managed to release about 90 sq. km area in the Eastern part of HOMS.

IG left such towns as Umm Radim, Mazra-Nizal, Naughty, al Ammoudia, al-Javea, Rasmi al-Suwanna and al-Alaf.

currently forces the Syrian government army with the support of videoconferencing focused on the environment last major group ISIS in Central Syria.


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