Syria news 13 September 22.30: SDF lost four fighters in Hasaka, Aleppo the FSA militants opened cell IG


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Syria news 13 September 22.30: SDF lost four fighters in Hasaka, Aleppo the FSA militants opened cell IG

Syria, September 13. In the battle with IG Hasaka was killed four soldiers SDF, in Aleppo action SSA arrested members of the cell IG, CAA and SDF located at a distance of three kilometers in the Deir ez Zor. It is reported by a military source, the Federal news Agency (FAN) in Syria Ahmad marzouk (Ahmad Marzouq).


Brief on the outcome of the confrontation

videoconferencing: support the operation of the SAA in Deir ez-Zor, strikes at ISIS inside "Acerbating pot".

Syrian Arab army (CAA) and allied powers: conduct attack of positions of "Tahrir al-sham" in Aleppo, moving in Deir ez-Zor, has lost six soldiers in Hama.

Islamic state: opposed to the SAA in Hama, fighting with the SDF in the North of Deir ez-Zor.

"Tahrir al-sham": opposed to the SAA in Aleppo.

free Syrian army (PAS) have arrested four Islamic state terrorists in Aleppo.

Kurds: move in Deir ez-Zor, lost four fighters in Hasaka.

international coalition: supports the SDF offensive on Deir ez-Zor.


Province of Aleppo

Twitter channel (@FSAPlatform) free Syrian army (FSA) published a report about the arrest by militants of the anti-government group the four members of dormant terrorist cells. According to data published on Twitter, the radical Islamists IG hiding in the city Dzharablus.

In the North of the region at this time, the confrontation between Syrian Arab army (CAA) and militants of the radical opposition. Recall, army cap is the attack of fortified anti-government groups in the region of the settlement Anadan.

Earlier, government troops managed to block one of the major supply lines of the coalition "Tahrir al-sham". Supporters "dzhebhat an-Nusra" in turn, captured several soldiers of the CAA.

Russian centre of reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria to deliver humanitarian aid for the residents of Aleppo. According to local media, the Russian side has delivered 1.7 tons of food to the residents of the village, Wadha. Also in the framework of the humanitarian action 396 inhabitants of the region received adequate medical care.


the Province of Deir ez-Zor

Syrian Arab army (CAA) with the support of Russian space forces continues the liberation operation in released a few days ago the city Deir ez Zor. A military source on Twitter (@Syria_Hezb_Iran) reports that government forces advance in the area of al-Bagalia. In addition, according to the author, the Syrian troops managed to take control of the quarter, Tarsan, located near the University of al-Jazeera.

At the same time soldiers Democratic forces in Syria (SDF) took control of the hill Hugif located on the outskirts of al-Salihia, says a local source in his Twitter account (@sayed_ridha). Thus, the fighters of the Kurdish militia and soldiers of the CAA divides the three kilometers to the Euphrates river.

Recall that the SDF offensive on Deir ez-Zor has supported the international antiterrorist coalition headed by the United States. Earlier, representatives of the international Alliance has said it will not allow SAA to cross the Euphrates. The command of the Kurdish militia from his part said he was not going to enter into a confrontation with CAA and her allied forces. Military experts believe that the possibility of armed clashes between the SAA and the SDF still exists.


Province of Hama

Russian space forces continue to inflict pinpoint strikes on terrorist positions Islamic state inside "Acerbating pot", says a local source on Twitter (@bardanews). We will remind, the Russian air force supporting the Syrian Arab army (SAA) in the sweep of Islamic state terrorists Akerbat and the surrounding villages. Earlier it was reported that under the control of government forces moved settlement Schrute, Dravidia, Lavinda, Ghanim and Umm Saja. The terrorists of the "Islamic state" provide fierce resistance to the advancing Syrian troops.

So, as a result of the confrontation in the village of Hamad Omar the radical Islamists of ISIS killed six soldiers of the army cap. However, the members of ISIL are trying to escape from the allies liberated territories. 25 radical Islamists were arrested by the Syrian military on the outskirts of the track Salaam Itria. The terrorists tried to escape from Akerbat in the province of Idlib.


Province of Hasaka

On the border with the province of Deir ez Zor Hasaka when confronted with terrorists Islamic state had been killed four soldiers Democratic forces in Syria (SDF).

An armed clash between Kurds and radical Islamists of ISIS have been on the highway of al-Jafari. About the loss of a Kurdish paramilitary force says a local source on Twitter (@asharqasouri). We will remind, the Kurdish Democratic forces in Syria (SDF) and the people's protection Units (YPG) are moving from the province of Hasaka to the city Deir ez Zor, where currently, there is a confrontation between the Syrian army supported by videoconferencing, and the "Islamic state". Liberation SDF operation is supported by BBC international coalition headed by the United States.

Military experts believe that the United States deliberately sent the militia in Deir ez-Zor, to later claim the released SDF site. While now the presence of Kurds in the province of Deir ez-Zor wraps the victims in the Arab-Sunni population. According to experts, if the Kurdish militias established control in Deir ez-Zor, it can lead to the aggravation of the Syrian conflict.



the Iraqi air force launched a series of precision strikes against fortified areas of terrorists "Islamic state" in the al-Zor in the North-East of the province Diyala.

About sortie Iraqi air according to Alsumaria News.

In the city of Hawija, which last two weeks pulled together a force of government troops and militia, terrorists ISIS executed one of their leaders. Also, according to Alsumaria News, was taken into custody three more militants of the "Islamic state". Recall that in the near future in Hawija will begin large-scale liberation operation against ISIS terrorists. Today the Iraqi air force destroyed the village headquarters and a number of terrorists "Islamic state".


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