Syria and the double-dealing of the United States: why does Washington participates in Astana, but continues to arm the Kurds


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Syria and the double-dealing of the United States: why does Washington participates in Astana, but continues to arm the Kurds

the Policy of the United States of America in the middle East continues to be inconsistent and unpredictable. On the one hand, it recognises the importance of the talks in Astana, as evidenced by the higher status American observer, who in the sixth round of talks will be David Satterfield, acting assistant Secretary of state.

on the other hand, Washington is supplying Kurdish armed groups is rather large shipment of weapons. Literally on the eve of Rojava arrived a convoy of 150 trucks loaded with weapons and ammunition. According to many experts, such actions of the American side could destabilise the situation not only in Syria, but also throughout the middle East, as the weapons could fall into the hands "of the PKK", which operates in Turkey and is recognized by Ankara, as, indeed, the US terrorist organization.

Head of the Department of political science and sociology Russian economic University. G. V. Plekhanov, military expert Andrei Koshkin commented on a Federal news Agency (FAN) the situation.

"the United States originally pursued a policy of chaos in the middle East in order to displace the legally elected government, to replace their Pro-American so-called "experts" and in accordance with this, to receive dividends, both economic and political.

Divide and rule is their policy in the middle East. For this you need to create the conditions. The first is pumping finances of the forces that are fighting against the lawfully elected government, second is to put as much weapons and ammunition in order to saturate the area. The more weapons, the more it shoots.

Of course, on the basis of such axioms, and the action takes place in the United States of America."

the Expert recalled that in September 2015, the year Barack Obama after the two organizations entered into a relevant transaction:

"the First was somewhere in the 700 million with the countries of Eastern Europe — Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Herzegovina. The US bought the Soviet weapons, and different schemes have supplied it to Turkey, Kuwait, Jordan, and from there ferried to the combat zone. USA, of course, was saturated with the Pro-American wing groups that sought to resist the legally elected government in Syria and, of course, was the limiting factor. So the policy delivery it continues.

Now to connect this Ukraine, Georgia. There will pump the Soviet model. So they shoot further and the world in Syria did not come."

As told to our source, until 2022, the year the US wants to implement another $ 900 million.

"And, in General, it takes 2.2 to 2.5 billion dollars. The numbers are huge.

But in the public sphere, the United States wants to position itself as an active peace activists around the world as a country that wants to come and neutralize possible armed conflicts, although in reality they are the conflict and inflate".

the Expert believes that the weapon which put the United States to the Syrian Kurds, can get into neighbouring countries.

"Especially worried the current head of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who constantly warns the United States that arming Kurdish forces leads to the fact that they subsequently will direct this weapon against official Ankara. Of course, in these conditions, Turkey is quite insecure feeling, but to change the situation until you can, seeking only to neutralize to the extent possible, the use of weapons against their military structures in order to "Kurdistan workers' party," which they described as a terrorist organization, failed to achieve autonomy from Turkey."

Our interlocutor does not rule out the possibility that the strengthening of the United States, the Kurdish forces could lead to clashes with government troops:

"Although it is said that the Kurdish armed groups fighting against the ISIS (banned in Russia), see how this fight takes place in dynamics. The troops Syrian Arab Republic bite into fighters in order to fully release the Deir ez Zor and cleaned it and Kurdish forces during two days more than 45 kilometers, however, did not make a single shot. The militants simply hand over the territory and peredoziruet to fight against government troops".

According to experts this may indicate a kind of collusion of the United States of America with the militants Islamic state (banned in Russia):

"This is done in order to put as many obstacles government troops, which today with the support of the Russian Federation already cleared 85% Syria, but the remaining territory of the United States of America want to keep under its influence."


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