Syria today: the Kurds attack ISIS in raqqa, the leaders of ISIS are fleeing from Deir ez-Zor, the operation of the SAA in HOMS


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Syria today: the Kurds attack ISIS in raqqa, the leaders of ISIS are fleeing from Deir ez-Zor, the operation of the SAA in HOMS

Syria, September 13. In a network there was video of ISIS attacks Kurds in raqqa; the Syrian military has liberated several villages in HOMS province; leaders of ISIS units fleeing from the suburbs of Deir ez-Zor. Latest Syria news in review Federal news Agency.


SDF Fighting with ISIS in raqqa

the US-backed Kurdish Syrian democratic forces (SDF) continue offensive operations in the Western districts of the city Rakka, according to Lebanese news Agency Al-Masdar.

According to the Internet resource several days of fierce fighting between Kurds and militants Islamic state (ISIS, ISIL, the Arab — DAISH is a terrorist organization banned by the Supreme court of the Russian Federation) continued at the National hospital of Raqqa.

on the Eve of the Kurdish SDF in one of social networks posted a video, which shows how units attack ISIS positions in the National hospital.

in Addition to using the automatic weapons, from assault rifles to heavy machine guns, SDF troops also used a guided missile.

Despite some messages in social networks about that earlier Kurdish forces captured the National hospital, the more reliable sources related to the SDF has not yet confirmed this information.


Syrian troops advance in HOMS

According to the military source, in the East of the province HOMS special Syrian Arab army (SAA) together with allied forces regained control of villages, Segrate, Darwiche, Luanda, Gaiman and Umm Saj, according to Syrian news Agency SANA.

in Pursuit of ISIS, according to the Agency, the soldiers of the army Bashar Assad destroyed a large number of militants.

At the moment, mine-clearing teams started to neutralize extremists laid mines and other explosive devices.

the Agency notes that since the beginning of this week, government forces regained control of the eight settlements in the town of JUB al-Jarrah, thereby extending the security zone to the North and West from the heights of Jabal Bases.


Situation in the province of Deir ez-Zor and its administrative center

Deir ez Zor government forces have carried out several successful operations on the extension of the control zone in the vicinity of military airfield and the location of the 137th regiment, reports the Syrian news Agency SANA.

According to the correspondent of the Agency, in the settlements of al-Genina, Hatley, al-Mreaiyya and al-Bhalia Syrian military aircraft attacked ISIS positions.

Local sources reported that the village Mhamid that in the West province Deir ez Zor, fled new group of terrorists, among whom was assigned the command of the terrorist group "agriculture Minister", one of the leaders of the "Islamic police" and other especially dangerous radical Islamists with their families.

Sources also said that in the village of Bokros Pagani radicals of ISIS have kidnapped three girls who were allegedly accused of discussing the progress of the CAA in the province of Deir ez-Zor.


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