Syria will be a political settlement process: Russia, Iran and Turkey meet again in Astana


2017-09-13 18:15:08




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Syria will be a political settlement process: Russia, Iran and Turkey meet again in Astana

In Astana has begun preliminary consultations prior to the sixth rounds of talks on Syria, which will be held on 14 and 15 September, which will be attended by the representatives of the guarantor countries — Russia, Iran and Turkey, as well as delegates from the government Syria and the opposition. In addition, as observers will be representatives of Jordan and the United States, and special envoy of the UN Secretary General on Syria Staffan de Mistura. It is expected that this time the main issue will be the final design of the zone of de-escalation in the province of Idlib.

the political scientist, the Deputy Director of the Institute of history and politics, Moscow state pedagogical University, candidate of historical Sciences Vladimir Shapovalov in an interview with Federal news Agency (FAN), first of all, noted that in Astana the process of settlement of the Syrian conflict is a real breakthrough in diplomatic relations.

"let me Remind you, for several years operated the Geneva platform, which, in fact, has not given serious, high-quality results in the conflict resolution, because not all interested parties participated. This area, largely was focused not on cooperation and conflict resolution, but to advance the interests of certain political groups".

the Expert drew attention to the fact that the Syrian conflict is complex and multilayered:

"there are at least three levels of participants.

The first level is the internal Syrian parties: government, various opposition groups, military forces. The second level is the neighboring countries, which have their under an hour, pronounced interests in Syria. I mean Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Jordan. And the third level is the great powers: Russia, United States of America, European countries, which are also interests.

And interests of all these players sufficiently different".

So the Russian moderation and mediation in conflict resolution, which resulted in the creation of Astana is a real breakthrough in the peace process:

"Russia did something that was impossible for a number of reasons neither the United States nor other Nations, to unite on one platform the different forces and bring them to a common denominator".

According to our interlocutor, the formation of a trilateral format (Russia, Turkey, Iran) in the best way contributed to this, as each of these countries has its own interests sometimes do not coincide and contradict each other:

"In the framework of the Astana process could these contradictions be removed. Connection to the process of the Syrian government and the Syrian opposition and representatives of the other powers led to the fact that gradually developed a format in which the participation of all stakeholders and this is the format with the active mediation of the three countries, especially Russia, allowed us to rapidly develop, finally, the formula that is now being successfully implemented in Syria — the formula for creating so-called zones of de-escalation".

This process is difficult, it is difficult, with so many contradictions and conflicts, but nonetheless, is constantly moving forward:

"And now in Astana, I hope we will see another very powerful step forward in this process is the completion of the formation of the zone of de-escalation in Idlib. I believe that it is a good step forward and will create opportunities for the establishment of zones of de-escalation, which will have to move to the next stage, that is, to a gradual movement in the direction of hostilities and transition to a discussion about the future Syrian Arab Republic".

What is remarkable in this round of negotiations in Astana, the U.S. observer will be acting assistant Secretary David Satterfield.

"This increase in the status of the American representative, attests to the increased attention to this site from the United States of America.

From my point of view there are several reasons. First, those phenomenal successes that we see in the peace process in the moderation of Russia in the framework of Astana, that is, the American side recognizes the significance of this site and enhances the status of its representative. Secondly, it is obvious that there are certain processes in the administration of Donald Trump. I mean not the scandals that are associated with its activities, and that in principle the American President's new team, and that gradually the people who came here form their opinion on certain issues and are beginning to move to a deeper analysis of the situation."


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