Syria news 29 Jan 2017 16.30: VC operation of the Russian Federation against ISIS in Deir ez-Zor, the battles are "dzhebhat an-Nusra" and the FSA in Idlib


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Syria news 29 Jan 2017 16.30: VC operation of the Russian Federation against ISIS in Deir ez-Zor, the battles are

Syria, January 29. The Russian space forces launched air strikes on places of concentration of forces of the* South of the Deir ez Zor. "Dzhebhat an-Nusra"** and PAS units*** are massive firefight in Idlib. On the West from Dar renewed violent clashes between opposition fighters and ISIS, according to a military source Federal news Agency (FAN) in Syria Ahmad marzouk (Ahmad Marzouq).


Damascus Province

units of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) has struck a powerful artillery strike at the strongholds of militants of armed groups on the outskirts of the Eastern districts of the city damask, including the area Dzhobar. The shelling was carried out in response to the recent massive fire from the direction of the terrorists. In a counter attack SAA troops dismantled a group of militants and destroyed a considerable part of the fortifications of the terrorists. Militias that are placed on the Eastern outskirts of Damascus, as well as in Eastern Guta belong to the preferential formation of "Jaish al-Islam"****.

Stationed in this part of town, the terrorists once again demonstrated its intention to continue military action in violation of the regime of silence, under a government peace plan. They have repeatedly opened fire, including shelling and residential areas of the city.


Province of Aleppo

the Artillery of government forces shelled the positions of militants of the rebel groups located near the settlement Quneitra to the South-West of the city of Aleppo. Also, it has been applied several missile strikes. During the bombardment by the SAA was killed several militants.

However, short skirmishes in this part of the province from time to time renewed. We will remind, on the eve of stationed to the South-West of Aleppo, rebel forces fired at residential quarters of the city. According to the military source FAN, this fact suggests a very low level of morale in the ranks of fighters, which is associated with military setbacks, particularly the loss of Aleppo and the armed conflict within the opposition, which continues to gain defense. Opposition groups were divided into two camps and are fighting against each other: some have United under the aegis of the "jabhat al Fatah ash-sham", others joined the coalition headed by the "Ahrar al-sham".


the Province of Deir ez-Zor

As reported by the news portal Panama Scope of Russian air force has resumed bombing strongholds of Islamic state terrorists in the vicinity of the city Deir ez Zor.

Aircraft launched several air strikes near the cemetery and near the height of al-Sard to the South of the city. During the operation, the militants suffered considerable losses in manpower. In addition, it was partially destroyed one of the most important control centers of ISIS in the region. Soon units of the Syrian army will resume attacks of terrorists in this part of town.

Thanks to the air operations VKS RF zone of influence of the "Islamic state" in Deir ez-Zor and the surrounding area has markedly decreased. As a result, despite the considerable numerical superiority of the rebels, government forces managed to liberate the territories in the region.

the Russian cargo aircraft dropped humanitarian aid on the territory of the occupied "Islamic state" in the Western parts of the city Deir ez Zor. Thus, several hundred civilians received necessary food, medicines and clothing. The efforts of the Russian side, as well as the Syrian government and some charities dire humanitarian situation in the region has not yet reached the scale of a natural disaster.


Province of Dar

In the village of al-Yarmouk, located in the West of the city of Dar, has resumed large-scale skirmishes between militants of the rebel groups and fighters under the control of ISIS terrorist groups.

Mutual shelling with artillery guns, mortars and rocket launchers. During the clashes, both sides have already lost about a dozen militants wounded and killed, but the fighting is not stopped. In this part of the province and around the city of Dar regularly confronted opposition forces and the terrorists of ISIS or controlled by the "Islamic state" terrorist group, the largest of which — "Jaish Khalid Bin al-Waleed". As of today most of the territory of Dar was occupied by the militants of opposition parties, more than a third of the province is controlled by the government of Syria, the influence of ISIS in this region is much smaller.



According to reports from several local sources, heavy fighting between free Syrian army (FSA) and "dzhebhat an-Nusra" are in several parts of Idlib province.

Particularly intense firefights, but also direct clashes again seen in and around the city Idlib and on the South of the province. Accurate information on casualties there, however, it is noted that the militants have caused each other serious damage both in number and in technique. In recent days in the provinces of Idlib and Aleppo recorded more of the facts of armed clashes between militants of various opposition groups. The main cause of conflict was the failure of the opposition fighters in Aleppo.

Representatives of the "jabhat al Fatah ash-sham" blamed the defeat of a number of previously allied forces began a large-scale operation against them.


Province of raqqa

West of the Raqqa renewed clashes between the forces of "operation Wrath of the Euphrates" and is militants. The units of the Syrian democratic forces (SDF)***** and Kurdish people's protection units (YPG) in the framework of large-scale anti-terrorist campaign led by the United States, lead the attack of fortified areas the militants near the settlement of Yog, located on the East from the village of al-Garna. Operation "Wrath of the Euphrates" has been ongoing for several months, however significant progress in the clean-up of Raqqa celebrated as the fighting was still going just on the outskirts of the city to the North and West. In addition, the IG units in a series of counter-attacks managed to regain part of the territories.



the representatives of the Iraqi Shiite militia "Hashd al-SHAABI" urged the country's leadership to respond to harsh restrictive U.S.

immigration policy that adopted the new President of the United States Donald Trump. The militia insist that it is necessary to expel from Iraq all Americans, and thereby to preserve "the dignity of Iraqis." The authorities have not yet made any official statements about it. Soldiers of the militias "Hashd al-SHAABI" support the Iraqi army in the fight against "Islamic state", including in large-scale operations in Mosul, over by the Western coalition led by the United States.


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