Theories about the mysterious tweets attendant Trump appeared on the Internet


2017-01-27 03:45:03




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Theories about the mysterious tweets attendant trump appeared on the Internet

Washington, January 27. Members of the new press Secretary of the White house on Twitter understand the meaning of several cryptic tweets Sean Spicer, who first appeared in the microblogging service, and then was removed.

according to the publication Politico, speech, in particular, about the short tweet "Aqenbpuu" and "n9y25ah7": the first message was posted to the verified account of Spicer on Wednesday and the second on Thursday.

most Likely, the cause of these messages is an elementary accident. Press Secretary of the White house could just press the working screen of the smartphone in your pocket and send to the network unknown message.

According to another version, Sean Spicer by mistake shared with the world password sent to the phone in order to log in to your account with a desktop computer.

Himself the press Secretary did not comment on the appearance on Twitter of the two short messages.


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