Incurable disease makes the girl from India "shedding" every six weeks


2017-01-29 11:15:08




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Incurable disease makes the girl from India

London, January 29. Shalini Yadav, a teenage girl from India, like a snake shedding its skin every 45 days from birth. A rare disease is not treated and causes the girl's suffering. Reported by the Daily Mail.

The 16-year-old Shalini rare disease, which is called erythroderma.

Girl every six weeks shedding his skin. To avoid this, the skin should be wetted every hour, every three hours, apply a moisturizer. However, the girl's family eight people, and they can't afford it, and every 45 days the girl "sheds", experiencing terrible suffering. Leather girl becomes so hard that Shalini have a problem with that, just to move around.

because Of the terrible appearance of the girl was expelled from school, because her classmates feared her.

Family Shalini tries at least once to alleviate the suffering of the girls, however, in the treatment of disease can not help no one of the experts who were asked by relatives.


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