Hello, we are looking for allies: who will really be able to cooperate with the US in the war against ISIS


2017-01-29 11:15:06




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Hello, we are looking for allies: who will really be able to cooperate with the US in the war against ISIS

U.S. President Donald Trump instructed his administration to find new international allies for an international coalition against militants of the terrorist organization ISIL (banned in Russia — approx. ed.). A corresponding Memorandum was signed yesterday and posted on the White House website.

Under new allies Trump was referring to the Russian Federation, the expert of Association of military political scientists, head of the Department of political science and sociology REU them. G. V. Plekhanov Andrei Koshkin.

So, the 45th President of the United States instructed his team to develop a comprehensive plan to defeat radical Islamists operating in the Middle East and Syria in particular.

According to the new administration, within 30 days the Minister of defence James Mattis is obliged to submit to the President a preliminary draft, which should include "the identification of new partners of the coalition in the fight against ISIS and policies to support coalition partners in the fight against ISIS and its supporters".

"the Obama administration had the opportunity, and they took all who can and who can not even to their allies. We remember the figure of more than 60 States that have been in the international coalition led by the United States against terrorism in the middle East. And if Trump talks about how to radically change the situation and defeat terrorism, it needs to change the part of the allies, that we are talking about reviewing the possibility of creating or expanding the coalition to fight ISIS. And, of course, here there is a veiled image of the Russian Federation, which was headed by different coalition — Turkey, Syria, Iran.

Here it should be noted that our coalition quite successfully fights not only on the battlefield but at the negotiating table, solving the most urgent problems of Syria," said the cat.

in addition, the US has another problem — the growing influence of ISIS in Iraq. According to military experts, Washington needs to refocus on Russia, and this is already happening.

"There is information that the information that gave the US military the Russian air force has conducted a successful airstrike on positions of militants under the Deir ez-Zor. And it can not but rejoice, because for the first time in a long time there has been effective cooperation. It should be noted that Washington has a hard time, because you have to consider the capacity of all parties to the middle East conflict, and it's hard.

But we all understand — it cannot be otherwise," — emphasizes the expert.

in addition, new U.S. government mandated to modernize mechanisms to suppress financial support of the Islamists, including the illegal trade in oil and antiquities, as well as stronger measures to combat the problem of terrorism, especially on the Internet.

the same day, the coordination of Russian and American military to combat "Islamic state" and other active in Syria, terrorist groups, Donald Trump discussed in a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"Judging by the rhetoric, which was during the election campaign, Donald Trump has seriously accused the last administration that the US did not fight with ISIS and terrorism in the middle East. He even cited the example that during the work of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of state, terrorism has increased and manifested itself in many other countries. Trump was a serious claim, and plans he had very serious intentions.

But then many have copied his words on the campaign rhetoric, however, the Trump was a unique politician, whose words with deeds. All what he promised, he immediately implemented. In fact, sometimes even to the detriment of its credibility, but the proof of all his promises. So for all analyses and projections, he intends not just to pay lip service to the fight against terrorism, but also picked up for the appropriate man Mattia," concluded the cat.


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