Syria news 29 Jan 2017 12.30: the FSA and ISIS are waging a firefight in Aleppo, fighting Turkish forces and Kurds in Hasaka


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Syria news 29 Jan 2017 12.30: the FSA and ISIS are waging a firefight in Aleppo, fighting Turkish forces and Kurds in Hasaka

Syria, January 29. SAS troops* advancing on ISIS** in the town of al-Bab as part of operation "shield of the Euphrates". The clashes between the Turkish army and the Kurdish forces in Hasaka killed civilians. SAA troops inflicted serious damage on ISIS in engineering during the attack at Deir ez-Zor, according to a military source Federal news Agency (FAN) in Syria Ahmad marzouk (Ahmad Marzouq).


Damascus Province

the Syrian Arab army (SAA) continues to step on the positions of militants from several directions on the Eastern slopes of the mountains Kalamun West of the Damascus. During the massive artillery shelling by the SAA troops terrorists have suffered significant losses in manpower. A large-scale offensive by government forces in the region continues. The militants tried to cut off important supply routes of the units of the SAA, blocking the highway between the cities of HOMS and damask.

However, as a result of the special operation of the Syrian troops, the terrorists were surrounded. Currently, the CAA unit continue to move in the sweep of the area. Before he was recaptured the strategically important position — a few heights and settlements.


Province of Aleppo

the Situation in the Eastern part of the province of Aleppo remains tense. Continues active operations in the framework of the antiterrorist operation "shield of the Euphrates", with the participation of Turkish troops and militants of the free Syrian army (FSA).

At the moment SAS troops attacked the strongholds of the Islamic state terrorists near the settlement of al-Raving, located in the South of the city al-Bab. In the region, the intensive mutual exchange of artillery and rocket launchers. Both sides lost several fighters killed and wounded. The campaign began in late August of last year, however, the influence of the "Islamic state" in this part of Aleppo is still strong.

In addition, the region also are Kurdish groups that oppose as ISIS and the Turkish army and government forces that continue to attack the positions of terrorists near the town of Aleppo.


HOMS governorate

According to ISIS controlled news Agency, "al-Amak" in several recent clashes near the Syrian airfield "T-4", located on the East of HOMS province near the Palmyra, the insurgents have killed or wounded several soldiers of the Syrian army. Information currently checked. Recall that the troops re-captured Palmyra and vast area in this region in December 2016. As noted by a military source FAN Ahmad marzouk, the terrorists put up enough defence in this region, therefore, the promotion of Syrian troops should be slow and careful, and quick wins should be expected.

The offensive of government forces in this part of the province continues. The Syrian army is gradually regaining at the end of last year position.


the Province of Deir ez-Zor

Departments of the government troops continue to conduct active hostilities against the troops of Islamic state terrorists in several parts of the Deir ez Zor. Major clashes continue on the Western and southern outskirts of the city. It is reported that under the onslaught of the CAA, the terrorists bear heavy losses in military equipment.

So, was liquidated a few pieces of large armored vehicles and vehicles with mounted heavy machine guns. In addition, eliminated several militant groups. The fighting around Deir ez-Zor continues. Violent clashes in the South and West of the city being lately on a regular basis.

The terrorists for more than two years in full control of Deir ez-Zor, however, Syrian troops finally managed to repel the part of the territories to the South. The city was lost largely because of its remoteness from the main areas of concentration of government forces.

According to the UN, over the last week as a result of mortar shelling killed 19 civilians in the town of Deir ez-Zor, and about 40 were wounded. It is noted that under attack was mainly residential areas of al-Ummal, er-Rasafa and al-Bagle. In addition, in the active area of the clashes was discovered about 40 bodies of minors.

It is assumed that the children had been recruited by the Islamic state and fought on the side of the terrorists. The militants regularly shell residential areas of the city in order to intimidate the population. Thus, the terrorists force to hold the residents, using them as human shields, and implanted their own rules.


Province of raqqa

Aircraft of the international coalition continues bombing of fortified areas Islamic state terrorists near the village of Tabqa, situated on the West of the city of Raqqah. Punches are made in anticipation of the upcoming offensive forces operation "Wrath of the Euphrates".

The anti-terrorist campaign, which is under the leadership of the United States, taking part of the Syrian democratic forces (SDF)*** and the Kurdish people's protection units (YPG). Force Western coalition have regularly provided support from the air, striking the militants. However, air strikes often have on residential neighborhoods. For the time of counter-terrorism operations of the US in Syria and Iraq, the bombing killed hundreds of civilians in Raqqa, Mosul, Deir ez-Zor, and other regions.


Province of Hama

the representatives of the armed opposition groups "Jaish al-Issa" said that the militant groups would continue to conduct active hostilities against the government army, despite the set in Syria that the ceasefire regime.

They also stressed that they do not intend to join the truce plan, which was proposed by the government of Syria. The militants of the rebel groups who refused to observe the silence mode, regularly shelling positions of Syrian soldiers in different parts of the province of Hama, mainly in the Northern part of it.


Province of Hasaka

In the village of al-Mazra, is located in the North of the city of Hasaka, have been intense firefight between Turkish army units and Kurdish people's protection units (YPG). However, it has affected several civilians. Several Turkish shells exploded on the territory of residential areas.

Thus, killing at least three local residents, and several more were injured. A large part of Hasaka province, which borders Turkey, is under the control of Kurdish forces. However, the Turkish side intends to prevent the neighborhood with the Kurds, the military formation of which is recognized by Ankara as terrorist organizations.



According to a source in the command of the Iraqi army in a series of air strikes inflicted by the bombers of the air force of the international coalition to strengthen the areas of Islamic state terrorists near the city of tal afar, has been eliminated at least 62 militants. Tall afar is located in the province Nineveh in the West Mosul, where is a large-scale antiterrorist operation of the Western coalition against the "Islamic state".

Recently the Eastern part of the city was completely cleared of militants. Nevertheless, Western Mosul at the moment is still fully controlled by the ISIL terrorists. Iraqi troops and Pro-government militias are preparing for a major offensive on rebel positions in the Western part of the city.


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