Syria: militants, fleeing from Raqqa, can make the flood


2017-01-27 03:00:06




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Syria: militants, fleeing from Raqqa, can make the flood

Damascus (Syria), January 27. Retreated from Raqqa Deir-ez-Zor, terrorists, not the Islamic state can be set up in Syria, the flood, destroying the country's largest Euphrates dam. Write about it .

In the case of negative developments in Syria with the destruction of waterworks, which, by the way, contains about 12 billion cubic meters of water, in over 100 sq km, which forms a giant pond to a depth of seven meters.

According to experts, will be submerged about 70 settlements in the disaster area will be hundreds of thousands of people, not only in Syria but Iraq. The flood will last up to two weeks.

Diverting the attention and energy of the official Damascus and the coalition, the terrorists of the "Islamic state" will be able to transfer its troops from Raqqa Deir-ez-Zor, which is important for the IG, from both a strategic and economic point of view.


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