Syria news 29 Jan 2017 7.00: under the Damascus green buses will take away the militants from Iraq fled with money, the recruiter of suicide bombers


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Syria news 29 Jan 2017 7.00: under the Damascus green buses will take away the militants from Iraq fled with money, the recruiter of suicide bombers

Syria, January 28. From the valley of Wadi Barada green buses will take the militants in Idlib, from Iraq fled with millions of dollars, the recruiter of suicide bombers. It is reported by a military source Federal news Agency (FAN) in Syria Ahmad marzouk (Ahmad Marzouq).


Damascus Province

the evacuation of the fighters from the town of ain El-Fice and the valley of Wadi Barada can begin today, January 29. Information about "green buses" are preparing to take out the militants in Idlib province, apply, in particular, in social networks users from the field.

Recall, more than 2.5 thousand militants in the valley of Wadi Barada, an oasis in the Syrian desert, located about 30 km from Damascus, laid down their arms under the pressure of the CAA.

Until recently, the militants of different groups, including the PAS**, exercised control over Vadodara providing drinking water to the entire densely populated Damascus, and the suburbs. This led to constant interruptions in water supply of the population.

Now, members of the Islamist militant groups who refused finally to lay down their weapons and move to peaceful life, has to go to Idlib on those green buses which leaving in Idlib militants, driven out of Aleppo.


Province of Latakia

the Party of Russian military equipment arrived in Latakia "from the black sea city of Sevastopol", the sources said, clarifying that we are talking about 10 multi-purpose military vehicles GAZ-3937 (Vodnik). It is known that the Russian car "Vodnik" is intended for transporting people and cargo in difficult, including mining areas and protected from small arms.

As noted by the information resource AMN, located in Latakia airbase Russia Hamim (Khmeimim), which uses videoconferencing (RUAF is the abbreviation adopted in the Syrian media) in anti-terrorism operations in Syria from September 2015 to an official request from the Syrian government.



Province of Aleppo

Since the beginning of the antiterrorist operation in the Eastern province SAA managed to liberate from ISIS* 23 village. The enemy lost in killed and wounded at least 150 terrorists. This information extends the information source AMN.

In early January, CAA spetsnaz "Force of the Tiger" launched a major offensive in the direction of the city of al-Bab, situated on a plateau in the Eastern province of Aleppo. Al-Bab is considered a stronghold of ISIS*, and well fortified.

Recall, fighting the Turkish army, trying to dislodge ISIS* al-Baba, still not yielded significant success.

CAA, according to AMN, is stepping up efforts to enhance relief operations in this area.

Information about what the terrorists of ISIS* tank installation tank lined one of the CAA in the North-East of the province, indirectly confirms the fact of intensified fighting SAA in the North-East of the province.



the Province of Deir ez-Zor

the Syrian air force struck several air strikes on the positions of terrorists near the El-Panorama of the airfield Deir ez-Zor. Thus, taking into account information about the persistent fighting of the CAA in the cemetery of Deir ez-Zor, the SAA units are fighting ISIS in the southern outskirts of the city, surrounded by terrorists on all sides. During the whole time of the siege of ISIS in Deir ez-Zor, ammunition, medicines, food products take to the city, the Syrian air force.


Province of Dar

In the province of Dar fighting units of the SAA with the militants near the town of Nauvoo, situated to the North of the city of Dar.


Province of raqqa

According to various sources, troops of the SDF**** an Alliance of armed opposition forces in Syria, including the Kurdish people's protection units YPG, has now taken control of about 3200 km2. Support the Alliance air aircraft have the coalition air force. As reported by AMN since the beginning of operations for the liberation of Raqqa from the terrorists, was committed at least 785 of air strikes on militant positions.

In recent days, reports of air strikes coalition air force on the town of Tabqa. Data about victims and destructions specified.


Province of Hama

aircraft of the Syrian air force struck several air strikes on positions of militants in the cities of Taybat al-Imam, Suvar and Morek in the Northern province. recall that the server parts of Syria is the area of the SDF troops**** — connection of various armed opposition groups in Syria, including the Kurdish people's protection units YPG,


Province of Hasaka

Several women from the province of Hasaka finished military training and joined the ranks of the SDF****/YPG.

The Syrian democratic army (SDF****), an Alliance of armed opposition forces in Syria, including the Kurdish people's protection units YPG, operates in the Northern regions Siri



the security of Iraq 4 killed and 5 wounded Islamic state terrorists* during the fighting in Central Hawija. Also the Iraqi army managed to eliminate 7 terrorists, including two suicide bombers, in areas located to the North of Mosul. According to official sources of information of Iraq, it happened in the course of the operation to repel the attempts of IG* to hit the Peshmerga troops the village of Aski. In addition, it is reported that in the last days the soldiers of the military intelligence to Iraq found a large cache of weapons and ammunition of ISIS* in the region of al-Latifiya, South of Baghdad.

In the Iraqi media reports that the Minister of women's Affairs in the leadership of ISIS* in the province of Nineveh ran away to Syria along with 4 of his assistants, taking, reportedly several million dollars.

According to the source of the resource, "the head of the female brigade of ISIS* in the province of Nineveh ran together with four assistants." It was also reported she had met, including, for recruiting suicide bombers.


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