Syria the end of the day on 29 January 06.00: triple blow for ISIS in Aleppo, SAA has returned water to the inhabitants of Damascus


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Syria the end of the day on 29 January 06.00: triple blow for ISIS in Aleppo, SAA has returned water to the inhabitants of Damascus

Syria, January 29. In different areas of the Eastern part of the province Aleppo the position of the IG* were attacked by the troops of the CAA, the Turkish army and Kurdish troops. The Syrian army has occupied the area of water sources to the West of the Damascus, the water supply of the capital will soon resume. The confrontation between "al-Nusra Dzhebhat"** and "Ahrar al-sham" continues to grow, according to a military source Federal news Agency (FAN) in Syria Ahmad marzouk (Ahmad Marzouq).


Damascus Province

on the Eve of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) established full control over the area of drinking water supply damask, near the village of Ayn al-Figg in the valley of the Wadi Barada West of the capital. Squads of militants groups "Dzhebhat Fatah al-sham" and other controlled units, which were placed in this region and blocked the flow of water to Damascus, was forced to agree to abandon their positions and to go in the province of Idlib. Thus, the water supply of the capital, whose inhabitants for more than forty days remain without water, will soon be completely renewed.

Government troops over the past day have conducted a series of attacks the strongholds of the terrorists of ISIS on the Eastern slopes of the mountain chain of the Kalamun in the West Damascus, where, again, the activity of militants. The soldiers of the SAA continued to liberate the territory in the region, thereby gradually reducing the area of influence of the "Islamic state" in this part of the province.

As a result, the troops stationed in this region, on the eve suffered serious losses in numerical strength. Earlier, the terrorists tried to occupy the strategically important positions of the Syrian army to block the route HOMS damask, however, as a result of large-scale offensive of the CAA, the militants were in the ring.


Province of Aleppo

Fierce fighting the day before was in the Eastern part of HOMS province. In the past day in the region within the framework of a large-scale operation against ISIS "Wrath of the Euphrates" acted the troops of the Turkish army, also attack the positions of terrorists were units of the SAA and the Kurdish people's protection units (YPG).

For the past day the soldiers of the Turkish army killed at least 14 ISIL fighters and attacked 197 military targets of terrorists, reports a source in the command of the Turkish armed forces. The anti-terrorist operation "Wrath of the Euphrates" began in late summer of last year, it also involved units of the Syrian free army (SSA)***.

During the campaign, it destroyed over two thousand militants and cleared nearly 230 settlements. The most intense clashes have been unfolding in the vicinity of the city al-Bab, which is still controlled by ISIS. In addition to the "Islamic state", in the framework of this operation, Turkish troops also oppose Kurdish military forces, who claim to territory in this part of the province. Ankara is determined to prevent the Kurds controlled the North of Aleppo, bordering Turkey.

However, Kurdish people's protection units (YPG) continue to wage battle against ISIS in the region. Over the past few days as a result of the violent clashes they had captured one town.

Syrian troops continue to liberate the region from the militants, leading the fighting closer to the city Aleppo. For the past day, a series of massive attacks, the CAA unit back under the control of the village of ain al-Jahsh, eliminating several groups of terrorists of ISIS, tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, trucks with machine gun mounts and other military equipment militants. Thus, the zone of influence of the "Islamic state" in the East of Aleppo gradually narrows.

In the past day in the province of Aleppo were fighting between opposition groups.

Fierce firefight, during which were primarily used heavy artillery, were held in the village of Tukad, located on the East of the city Aleppo. The largest losses in clashes with "jabhat al Fatah ash-sham" suffered militants, the formation of "Jaish al-Mujahideen" killed about 20 members of the group. Among them was also the head of the formation, Abdullah Mahsum. In addition to the "Jaish al-Mujahideen" against the "al-Nusra" were made by a number of other armed rebel organizations.

They all United under the numerically superior "dzhebhat an-Nusra" group "Ahrar al-sham". While participating in the conflict, the parties previously jointly opposed government forces in Aleppo. It was defeated in this struggle was the cause of the outbreak in militant-opposition conflict.


HOMS governorate

the Syrian army Units continued the offensive against the "Islamic state" in the Eastern part of HOMS province. Clashes resumed in the area of government of the airfield "T-4", especially on the eve of the intense battles were in the South-East from the base.

In the result, the troops of the CAA has made some progress in Stripping of the region, regaining control of the territories. Nevertheless, over the past day situation in this part of the province has not changed significantly. According to the military source FAN Ahmad marzouq, at the moment, to ensure the safety of "T-4" is impossible. In order to ensure the full operation of the airbase should release a significant part of the territories to the North of it.

The anti-terrorist operation, the CAA began in this part of the province in December last year, when the terrorists of ISIS in the result of a sudden attack captured the town of PAL, and the territory in its vicinity.


the Province of Deir ez-Zor

In the past day of clashes between troops and militants and government troops were mainly on the South of the city Deir ez Zor, which is under the control of the "Islamic state" for several years. On this front, near the airport, the terrorists tried again to break through the defense of the CAA. However, their attack was repelled. After Syrian forces began to contractual on the strongholds of terrorists.

During the operation, the militants suffered numerical loss, it was also destroyed several armored vehicles of the IG. The Syrian air force maintained a counterattack from the air. In addition, over the past day, government aircraft have carried out several bombing positions of terrorists on the outskirts of Deir ez-Zor. In one of the districts of the city as a result of air operations destroyed large Armory IG.


Province of Dar

the Inhabitants of the province of Dar the day before were once again the victims of the criminal actions of the militants.

On the Eastern border of the province in Lajat an improvised explosive device planted in parked on the side of the main road car. Killed at least ten local residents, among them women and children, and many wounded. It is still not known who had organized the attack. Fighters no terrorist organization has yet claimed responsibility for the incident.

The terrorists ISIS and their allies, whose forces are located in several parts of the province, has repeatedly attacked the civilian population of Dar. However, according to a military source FAN Ahmad marzouk, an explosion can be involved and the militants of opposition forces. Recall that much of the province is under their control.



In Idlib province and in the past day was not without fierce fighting between militants "dzhebhat an-Nusra" on one side and a number of factions, United under a "Ahrar al-sham". The most violent clashes continued in the vicinity of Idlib, where the militants of the "jabhat al Fatah ash-sham" was able to occupy the strategically important positions of the groups "Dzhebhat al-Mujahideen" and "Sukur al-sham", and to put the last of them a serious numerical damage.

"An-Nusra" killed several members of the group and another 25 were captured. In addition, in the city of Maaret al-Numan to the South-East of Idlib, with virtually no stops were skirmishes between "Ahrar al-sham and jabhat al Fatah ash-sham". In General, all participating in the clashes of the formation are serious losses, but, on the contrary, there is a clear trend to further escalation of the conflict, as representatives of the "al-Nusra" do not even consider the possibility of a peaceful settlement.



In Iraq, almost all of the major events of the past day unfolded in the province Salah-ed-DIN. The fighters of Pro-government militias "Hashd al-SHAABI" repelled the attack of terrorists of ISIS to their positions in the Eastern part of the province, the militants causing significant losses in manpower and technology.

In the ensuing counterattack militia managed to recapture the territories in the region, thus somewhat reducing the impact of the "Islamic state" on the territory of the province. In addition, in Salah al-DIN thundered another explosion, organized, according to preliminary data, the terrorists of ISIS. The explosion laid by the roadside bomb killed three people, six more were injured. Thus, Iraq remains tense in connection with the activities of ISIS militants, whose influence in the Northern part of Iraq is still very strong.

Terrorists regularly attacked the position of the Iraqi army and Pro-government forces and carry out terrorist attacks in major cities, striking at civilians.


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