Russian weapons against satellites scared of the US military


2017-01-27 02:45:05




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Russian weapons against satellites scared of the US military

Washington, January 27. Russia and China to develop space weapons capable of destroying American satellites. This was stated by the head of the Strategic command (Stratcom), U.S. General John Khayten.

the General said, Russia is exploring options to build a variety of space weapons, including those based on lasers. Stratcom believes that such weapons can pose a threat to American satellites.

"Russia is considering significant military capabilities against satellites, including lasers for use in space and other military capabilities that could threaten our satellites", — quotes the words of John Hatena the press service of the Pentagon.

Also, the General noted that the test applicable in different orbits, the Earth's defense systems conducts China.

According to the military, in the near future, new weapons will allow Russia and China to destroy any satellite of the United States.

"In the near future they will be able to use their abilities to threaten any spacecraft that we have in space," concluded John Khayten.


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