Experience and exposure: Putin and Trump did not discuss the lifting of sanctions


2017-01-29 01:00:05




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Experience and exposure: Putin and trump did not discuss the lifting of sanctions

Moscow, January 29. during a telephone conversation of the presidents of the United States and Russia, the issue of the lifting of sanctions was not raised and was not discussed — Putin and Trump talked about the restoration of economic ties between countries, and between the business circles of the USA and Russia.

Press Secretary of Vladimir Putin Peskov, commenting on the results of a telephone conversation between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin said, as reported "No" to the question, and discussed whether the presidents lifting of sanctions.

Given that, as previously reported, Putin and Trump discussed the restoration of trade-economic ties between business circles of the two countries, and head of the RDIF is already on the readiness to offer U.S. investors "for more than ten projects," it remains to recall the well-known adage that politics is the art of the possible.


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