The scientists said the danger of early marriage


2017-01-27 02:30:04




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The scientists said the danger of early marriage

new York, January 27. a Group of scientists from the University of Michigan conducted an interesting study aimed to find out what impact people have early marriages. It turned out that it is bad for health, because the young couple are prone to rapid weight gain. This is reported by local media.

According to the results of their experiments, the scientists came to the conclusion that people who were married even before graduating from high school, have a high risk of getting obesity.

Scientists attribute this to the fact that the young couple usually can't adjust the way of life, in addition, they are still not Mature enough for family life, which directly leads to problems with excess weight.

According to the scientists, such people will quickly stop watching your diet and begin to lead a passive lifestyle, which ultimately affects their health.

we will Remind, earlier the newspaper informed that the Finnish scientists have developed food ingredients crickets and meal worms, texture and taste which is quite suitable for making meatballs or falafel.


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