Syria news 28 Jan 2017 22.30: operation videoconferencing in Deir ez-Zor, SAA has taken up positions of the IG in Damascus


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Syria news 28 Jan 2017 22.30: operation videoconferencing in Deir ez-Zor, SAA has taken up positions of the IG in Damascus

Syria, January 28. The Russian space forces conducted bombardment of the fortifications of IG* to support the offensive of the SAA to the South of the Deir ez Zor. During the operation of the air force, the Western coalition in the Rakka once again, civilians have suffered. Syrian troops occupied the town on the West from Damascus during the fighting with ISIS, according to a military source Federal news Agency (FAN) in Syria Ahmad marzouk (Ahmad Marzouq).


Damascus Province

the Syrian Arab army (SAA) liberated the village of tel al-Daba, located on the Eastern slopes of the mountains Kalamun West of the city of damask, during fierce clashes with is militants. Troops of the "Islamic state" as a result, lost several militant groups, as well as two vehicles mounted with machine guns to large caliber. However, the operation of government troops in the region is continuing. The militants have long waged active hostilities in the mountains Kalamun.

However, recently they tried to disrupt the supply lines of the units of the SAA by blocking the highway between Damascus and HOMS. Nevertheless, thanks to timely government intelligence information, the Syrian troops managed to break the plans of ISIS, and soon the groups of militants was surrounded in a special operation of the CAA.


Province of Latakia

the Fighters of the formation of "Ahrar al-sham" opened heavy fire on strong points of units of government troops in the mountains of al-Akrad in the Northern part of Latakia province. It is reported that none of the soldiers of the CAA was not injured. At the moment Syrian artillery prepares to launch retaliatory shelling the terrorist positions with heavy artillery and machine guns.

Groups opposition groups stationed in the region, regularly violate the ceasefire regime established in the end of last year. Province of Latakia is one of the most stable from the point of view of safety of regions of the SAR. First, there is the Russian air base "Hamim", where aviation videoconferencing regularly strikes blows to positions of terrorists. Secondly, the majority of the population Latakia alawites, who mostly support President Bashar al-Assad.

Nevertheless, the hot spot is the North of the province, where troops of many insurgent groups.


Province of Aleppo

the Syrian army in the result of a massive attack the strongholds of the militants recaptured the town of al-Shih Dan, located in the Eastern part of the province of Aleppo. During the clashes the terrorists suffered serious losses in numerical strength. In addition, the district released the settlement was discovered a large cache of ammunition and explosive devices IG. In the East of the province of Aleppo continues the large-scale liberation operation of the CAA against the "Islamic state", which controls much of the region, including major cities Deir Hafer and al-Bab.


HOMS governorate

According to unconfirmed officially information, in the battles with the terrorists of ISIS in the East HOMS province towards the city of PAL was killed by a Syrian army General Ali Yousef Sultan.

These data are currently tested. Government forces continue to counter-attack the positions of terrorists of ISIS, moving closer to Palmyra, which was again captured by the militants in the result of a surprise attack in December 2016. Syrian units attacked from the West. The terrorists forced gradually to retreat from their positions during the massive attacks of the CAA.


the Province of Deir ez-Zor

According to a Syrian news portal, the Russian space forces launched a series of air strikes on places of concentration of the forces of ISIS near the Syrian air base South of the city Deir ez Zor.

The strikes were made in support of the counter-offensive of the government troops. The source reports that in the course of the operation was eliminated several militant groups. In addition, the terrorists suffered heavy losses in military equipment. Thus, the work force SAR and VC of the Russian Federation greatly contributes to the weakening of the "Islamic state" in the region, which for several years has been under the control of insurgents.


Province of Dar

the Government army opened intensive fire on the strongholds of militants of opposition parties on the outskirts of al-Channel in the city of Dar.

SAA soldiers fired heavy machine guns and artorudy. The result was destroyed several terrorists also destroyed part of the fortifications of militants. In the vicinity of the city continuing fierce battles for influence in the region. To the West of Dar from time to time flare up of clashes between opposition groups and terrorists of the ISIS.


Province of raqqa

Aircraft of the international coalition dropped bombs on West from the city Raqqah.

Western aircraft struck the fortified areas of militants near the village of Tabka. The results of the bombing is not yet specified. However, as reported by the media centre of raqqa, a few air strikes fell on residential areas, injuring civilians and also destroyed several houses. Force Western coalition regularly conduct air strikes on places of concentration of ISIS forces in support of attack forces, operation "Wrath of the Euphrates," or the Iraqi army.

However, the bombs often fall into the territory of civilian areas. Thus, during the bombing of the coalition of die inhabitants of Raqqa, Deir ez Zor and .


Province of Hama

Troops of the government forces carried out retaliatory shelling of the fortified area of militants of the rebel forces near the town of Taibat al-Imam in the Northern part of the province of Hama. CAA divisions fired from mortars and artillery. During the shelling killed at least seven militants.

In the province of Hama, mainly the militants of the opposition groups. Part of the rebel organizations, the remaining are controlled by the command "Dzhebhat an-Nusra"**, continue to attack government positions, despite the introduction in the SAR mode without fire.


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