Syria news July 17 16.30: suicide attacks ISIL in raqqa, the loss of the SAA in Deir ez-Zor


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Syria news July 17 16.30: suicide attacks ISIL in raqqa, the loss of the SAA in Deir ez-Zor

Syria, July 17. The IG has organized suicide attacks in the city Deir ez Zor province Rakka. SAA suffers losses in military equipment in Deir ez-Zor. Continued fighting between ISIS and the armed forces of Iraq in Western Mosul, according to a military source Federal news Agency (FAN) in Syria Ahmad marzouk (Ahmad Marzouq).


Brief on the outcome of the confrontation

videoconferencing: strike at ISIS fortifications near the city of Akerbat in the Eastern Hama.

Syrian Arab army (CAA) and allied powers: carry out bombing of the positions of the "Tahrir Al-sham" in the Western Qalamoun; recaptured "Falak Ar-Rahman" a few buildings in the quarter Jobar in North East Damascus; suffered losses in military equipment in the attack of a suicide bomber ISIS in Deir ez Zor.

Islamic state: organized a suicide attack on a "Jihad-mobile" in the Deir ez Zor; is fighting with the allies CAA East of the city Salaam in the Eastern part of the province Hama; killed one soldier of the Iraqi armed forces Western Mosul.

free Syrian army** (FSA): under fire from the SAA on the outskirts of the neighborhood of al-Zahra, West of the Aleppo; opened fire at the positions of the Kurds near the villages of Ayn Dakna and al-Balonia and near the city of Afrin in the Northern part of the province Aleppo.

Kurds: shelled strongholds of the FSA near the town of al-Bab North of Aleppo; was attacked by a suicide bomber near a military base Kirishi South-East from Raqqa.


Damascus Province

the Syrian air force conducted at least five air attacks in the region of Western Kalamun to the North-West of the capital, striking at the strongholds of anti-government coalition "Tahrir Al-sham".

At the same time fighters of the Lebanese organization "Hezbollah" were shelling militant positions. No information on casualties on the part of the radicals has not been received. The Lebanese army and Hezbollah in the coming days I plan to attack border post near Arsal at the Syrian-Lebanese border, in order to smooth out these areas from the remaining terrorists of the "Islamic state".

clashes between the Syrian Arab army (SAA) and the formation of "Falak Ar-Rahman" in the region of ain Tarma in northeast Damascus, according to a military source AMN. With the support of the Syrian aircraft 105th brigade of government forces attacked fortifications Islamist armed opposition.

Currently, the two sides are fierce fighting. Meanwhile, in the next block a Jobar, the Syrian troops advanced in the area of the mosque, Mustafa, having beaten "Falak Ar-Rahman" a few buildings.


Province of Aleppo

the Syrian Observatory for human rights reported that Pro-Turkish fighters of the free Syrian army (FSA) fired on the village of Ayn Dakna and al-Balonia in the Northern part of the province. In addition, bombardment of Kurdish units in the area Afrin. In turn, the Syrian democratic forces**** (SDF) opened fire on the fortified points of the Islamists near the town of al-Bab.

According to SOHR, the Syrian Arab army (SAA) the time spent shelling the strongholds of the Islamist armed opposition on the outskirts of the neighborhood of al-Zahra, West of the administrative center of the province.

Information about caused by the militants the damage currently being formed.


the Province of Deir ez-Zor

According to news portal News Qasioun, Deir ez Zor fighting continued between government forces and terrorists of the "Islamic state". After support from the air, VKS RF peresadovka militias Shiites reached the border of the province Deir ez Zor moving from HOMS, the radicals intensified fighting in the capital region. The attack of the suicide bomber on the "Jihad mobile" was destroyed two tanks of the Syrian Arab army (SAA). In addition, the militants seized T-62, and several anti-tank missiles, military equipment and ammunition of the army cap, says the news Agency "al-Amak" controlled by ISIL.


Province of Dar

Russian observers over observance of the truce arrived in the administrative center of the region.

According to the military source, the news Agency, Al Masdar News, the military police will be posted at the headquarters of the Governor of the city ' Izrā. Recall that the ceasefire came into force on 9 July in the provinces of Dar, Quneitra and as-Suwayda after as an agreement was reached between the presidents of the United States and the Russian Federation during their meeting in Hamburg. The presence of American or Jordanian observers are not provided.


Province of raqqa

Earlier, the Syrian democratic forces**** (SDF) recaptured radicals of the "Islamic state" area of Yarmouk in Western part of the province, destroying 16 of the terrorists. Fighting between ISIS radicals and Kurdish groups have also been noted in the area of the military base Kirishi South-East from Raqqa, reports a local source on the page in Twitter (Raqqa_SL).

A suicide bomber on the mined car attacked a camp of Kurds. The losses from the SDF are not reported. The forces of the "democratic army" moving in the direction of the city center from two directions — from the East and from the West.

Sources controlled by women's self-defense units (YPJ), has released a video about the Kurdish fighters, freeing hundreds of civilians, which the Islamists were used as human shields. It is reported the Kurdish news portal ANHA News.


Province of Hama

battles Unfold between the Syrian Arab army (SAA) and the Palestinian brigade "Liwa al-Quds" on one side and the terrorists of the "Islamic state" on the other to the East of the city Salaam.

Enemies use heavy military equipment and heavy machine guns. Meanwhile Russian warplanes continue to strike at military headquarters and strong points of ISIS in the suburbs the last major stronghold of militants in the province of HOMSAkerbat, reports the Syrian Observatory for human rights.



Soldiers of the Iraqi armed forces were killed during violent clashes with the Western Mosul the fighters of the "Islamic state", reports news Agency Iraqi News. Another soldier of the government troops were wounded during the fighting in the Old town. Recall that the full liberation of Mosul was announced last week, however, in the Old town is still a small detachment of ISIS, providing fierce resistance from the Iraqi military.

In General, during the campaign to sweep Mosul from ISIS, more than 25 thousand members of the terrorist group were destroyed.


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