Kirill Benediktov: Trump has direct reason to be friends with Russia


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Kirill Benediktov: trump has direct reason to be friends with Russia

the First after the inauguration of the work week Donald Trump proved to be extremely eventful. Decrees and decisions of the new US President was following at such a pace that the media barely had time to comment. The more impatient world community was waiting for first phone call Trump with the Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

on 26 January, the Trump in an interview with Fox News channel confirmed his intention very soon to hold telephone talks with Russian President. On January 27, the correspondent for NBC Hayley Jackson , citing a source in the US administration said that the conversation Trump and Putin scheduled for next weekend.

On the same day the press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin announced information about that phone conversation between the leaders of Russia and the United States can be held on January 28.

the Current political situation in Europe suggests that one of the discussion Trump and Putin may be a discussion of the relationship inside of the triangle USA–EU–Russia. How will the U.S. relationship with the European Union with the Trump? How the new White house administration will be friendly to Russia?

In search of answers to these questions the correspondent of the Federal news Agency appealed to the political scientist and publicist, editor-in-chief of the website "Russian idea" and the author of the first published in Russian political biography of Donald Trump Kirill Benediktov.

Washington ceased to be a "good uncle"

Kirill Stanislavovich, how will the Trump to build US relations with the EU?

In my opinion, the relationship between the United States and the European Union will be audited, and in the near future. The first meeting Trump at the highest level after his assumption of office was with the Prime Minister of Britain Teresa may, and it is not by accident.

May, which is before the June referendum were opposed to Brexit, is now one of the most consistent adherents of the output of the United Kingdom from the EU. Its main thesis — Britain time to enter the global arena as an independent country and a trading partner. This implies that the main trading partner of Britain should be United States. In this case the new vector of the transatlantic cooperation will be the axis Washington–London, and in the relations between Washington and Brussels, apparently, could have some element of confrontation.

What do you mean?

Policy Trump clearly goes against the ideals of liberal globalization promoted by Berlin and Paris.

In the coming months, and Angela Merkel and françois Hollande will try to pursue the same policy which they held at Barack Obama. But in may's presidential election in France, and in September — in Germany, and without the support of Washington — which would be guaranteed if elections in the US have won Hillary Clinton — liberal-globalist forces can not stay in power. Accordingly, truly Trump the need to build relations with new EU leaders. It is not excluded that it will have the skeptics, that is, supporters of withdrawal from the European Union.

— Well, this is still "up in the air".

In any case, the EU will have to get used to the fact that the new administration in Washington will not be "generous uncle" to cover the costs for the security and defence of its allies in the Old world.

Likely to change and the approaches to the Baltic States and Poland, which previous administrations, starting with George Bush Sr. is strongly supported in their aggressive anti-Russian pressure, to seriously influence the policy of Brussels.


— And if the European establishment to this turn of events?

— it Seems that while the European elites are not ready for global changes, which are awaiting the EU in connection with the change of the vector of international politics, and the refusal of Washington to continue to support the system of liberal globalization. Here are basically unheard of previously in the "European swamp" statements, as the speech Sigmar Gabriel, the Vice-Chancellor (and Friday — the Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany), comparing the inaugural address of Trump with the speeches of Hitler, or a move the publisher of the left-liberal Die Zeit Josef Joffe, who said that the easiest way out of the "Holocaust Trump" is. his murder. However, even if the EU survives as design, albeit in abbreviated form, it would still have to build a new system of relations with the US and Russia.

Now the EU calls Moscow "together against friends Trump".

— I think this is some kind of insanity.

— it is Difficult to say what these calls more: naivety or arrogance — but the elite of the European Union, of course, realize that the old comfortable reality for them is over. Therefore, in order to maintain some positions in difficult negotiations (with Iran, Syria, etc.), to Brussels like it or not and will have to establish a relationship with two centers of power, between which is powerful economically but weak militarily and not too politically unified European Union. These two centers of power — Washington and Moscow.

see also:

In this sense, it is quite possible Paris and Berlin will soon be forced to adjust its position on the Ukrainian issue and increase pressure on Kiev to fulfil Minsk agreements (because after Obama leaves office and the people in the state Department that oversaw the Ukrainian direction, Kiev has lost a powerful ally, allowing him to ignore the demands of partners in the Channel format).

— As in the rest of the picture fit London?

— Obviously new-old "special partner" of Washington in Europe, the United Kingdom, will largely contain quite sincere attempts of the 45th President of the United States to create a fundamentally new model of relations between the U.S. and Russia.

From the speech of Mei to the leadership of the Republican party in Philadelphia implies that the UK Prime Minister will invite Trump to focus on the policies of Reagan–Thatcher, together "olemassa" Gorbachev to yield to the West on all fronts. Only the old Reagan formula of "Trust but verify" may offers to change to "Cooperate, but keep your guard up".

What does that mean?

— once again, Mei repeated the mantra that the West should talk with Moscow "from a position of strength" reflects deep-rooted in the minds of the Anglo-Saxon elitist view of the world, according to which no equal negotiations with Russia and the Russians, in principle, impossible. I think Trump, being a political realist, is to affected of a rigid framework of this dogma, which, of course, can not complicate its relations with European politicians.

Tram — it's not "our guy"

— Among the Russian public, the winning Trump in the election caused an amazing rush of euphoria — apparently in contrast with the political line pursued by the Obama administration, and the fact that proclaimed Clinton. it was forgotten that the Trump is the very same gentleman who in the 2008 elections supported the Republican candidate and ardent Russophobe John McCain. That until the second half of 2016, has repeatedly stated that his sympathy is on the side of Kiev, not Moscow, and that the United States should increase military supplies to the regime of Petro Poroshenko.

In short, the Russian trend "Trump is our guy!", at least, debatable. What do you think?

— Trump, of course, not "our guy". He, like Uncle Fedor from Buttermilk, — "your own", but rather 100% American. And it will protect the interests, first and foremost, the United States of America and the American people.

But the fact of the focus that the national interests of the American people to a much greater extent, coincide with the interests of Russia than the model of liberal democracy, promote and strengthen the same US for the past 25 years.

for Example?

Well, for example, the fight against Islamic terrorism — precisely in the interests of both Russia and the United States. But the liberal globalists, who was in power in America, prefer to support the sponsors of this terrorism — monarchies of the Persian Gulf, partly due to corrupt ties (the Saudis were the largest donors to the Clinton Foundation), but mostly due to the fact that Islamic terrorism was for them a powerful tool of social engineering. Islamic state (a terrorist organization banned in Russia) is a byproduct of the democratic transformation of the Middle East, launched with George W. Bush.

Finally, Islamic terrorism is also a Trump card in the fight against unwanted regimes in the region. In the first place — with the regime Bashar Assad. Trump these geopolitical structure, heavily infused with the ideology of liberal interventionism, not close.

the Article and the response

Trump is a pragmatic person?

— Extremely pragmatic. And he realizes that at this rate, the wave of Islamic .

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