US news: Trump against refugees, Facebook vs Trump, "sexist" against Clinton


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US news: trump against refugees, Facebook vs trump,

Trump has signed a decree banning "Muslim" immigration to the United States. In Facebook I'm afraid, as if this policy is not reflected in the revenues of the social network. In California campaigning for a referendum on the withdrawal of the state from the United States. Well-known journalist confessed in hatred of Hillary Clinton. read all About it in the Federal news Agency.


"Ban on Muslims" Trump

Us President Donald Trump by his decree suspended indefinitely the admission of Syrian refugees into the United States, and also at 120 days, the reception of migrants from a number of other Muslim countries.

Trump explains the necessity of his decree desire not to give radical Islamists and members of terrorist organizations to infiltrate American soil.

"They do not want us here", — quotes its words Fox News.

immediately to the President of the United States barrage of criticism in all directions. Some accuse him of Islamophobia, some suggest that the freezing of the program on reception could adversely affect the ability of the Americans to move abroad. Already the decree of Trump is called the "ban on Muslims", reports Politico.


mark Zuckerberg vs Trump

Facebook Founder mark Zuckerberg has managed to condemn Trump's views on the issue of migration, calling them "UN-American". Interesting, however, is not so much the position of Zuckerberg, many purely commercial motives that might lurk behind it.

The American edition of Techcrunch, specializing in news from the sphere of IT-technologies, have assumed that must be the mark Zuckerberg is now extremely concerned about potential losses incurred by his company because of anti-immigration policies Trump. All Facebook — the employer of many technical specialists and programmers, came to the US from middle Eastern countries. If you renew and get their working visas if Trump these professionals will become harder, it can hurt and profit of the company.


object to Hillary Clinton means to be sexist

Journalist and broadcaster channel NBC's Chuck Todd admitted that he and his colleagues during the election campaign, deliberately not told about how small the support Hillary Clinton enjoys among residents of the Central United States.

Now he complains that he and other American media did not want to "tell the story of all Americans." However, it is not surprising: American journalists were afraid to appear sexist. Somehow, says Todd, he and some other members of the media were passing through the countryside.

There they noticed a few posters with an appeal to send Hillary Clinton to jail. Did they have them in the air? No.

"I think it was the fear of what we will look like as opposed to women sexist, if we report it," said Todd in his podcast.



California is thinking about independence

Some frustrated by the election Trump for President California residents began collecting signatures for holding their state referendum on secession from the United States. In order for the referendum could take place in 2018, the petition will have to collect more than 585 thousand signatures in the next 180 days. Recent polls show that the idea of an independent California while special support is not.

However, said Washington Times, every day the movement gains more and more followers.


Who will pay for the wall on the border with Mexico

Donald Trump and the President of Mexico, Enrique peña Nieto admitted that adhere to radically opposing positions about the idea of building a wall on the Mexican-American border. While public discussion of this issue will be suspended.

"They (Trump and Nieto — approx. FAN) agreed not to discuss who will pay for the construction of the wall, publicly. Nevertheless, private discussion on this, wapro will continue," — said the press Secretary of the White of the don Sean Spicer.


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