From the Egyptian pyramids to vaginas of the brain. Column Ruslan Marmazov


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From the Egyptian pyramids to vaginas of the brain. Column Ruslan Marmazov

can't get rid of the idea that humanity is degraded. Maybe not rapidly, but steadily.

No, on the one hand, of course, technological progress is staggering. Technology can work wonders. What was once unthinkable has now become commonplace.

Devices, which do not dare to dream the wildest science fiction, not only appeared, but use them with infant all and Sundry. This is true, but on the other hand, the human perception of the universe was vulgarisateurs to the limit. Although, maybe this is not the limit? As well as there is more room to fall? Then the trouble.

I was lucky in my life. The Lord has allowed to travel around the planet to see all sorts of people and cultures.

And since the Museum's theme for me cute and kind, in different countries, I tried to drop in to the museums and exhibition halls. Including and famous.

Especially significant art gallery on a global scale. There's, like, the whole history of civilization is covered. Go, admire the ages, proudly feel, how people grow and develop, from the primitive picture on a piece of rough stone to the exquisite works of the Renaissance, gloomy, but such shrill Flemish, air expressionists.

it would Seem, then, logically, should be even better in the next halls.

And there, God forgive me, come avant-gardists, abstractionists, and other square Malevich, as the pinnacle of human creativity.

come on Malevich, sleeping all on his ability to surprise and fool the audience, forcing to see in the geometry refinement spiritual longing. But only one revolutionary of the twentieth century has given the world so many heretics from the art that no bonfires of the Inquisition is not impossible to satiate.

Moreover, they all demanded his attention, money, fame. Many have received even. Glory, however, momentary, worldly, but still.

And here's another observation.

Outstanding achievements of the ancestors get their stupid descendants who use all this stuff clearly not intended. Or even, a stranger to the descendants of the fall. Such offensive examples too mimima. Masterpieces of ancient art chuvals back.

Most revealing in this sense, the case of the Egyptian pyramids.

Value space of the structure, carried not quite so far deciphered, but obviously uncommon sense, has become the background for strange business unwashed vagrants who would try to pass the tourist alabaster scarab for the price of a kidney.

Or take the Soviet construction giants. A century has passed, and in the best case, the descendants were able to support all these hydroelectric power stations, factories, mines, in any working condition. I emphasize at best. Often it failed.

Here, for example, Ukraine. Someone believes that there will be in the same size of the restored space industry? Somehow I was not very. But that conditional will stop the Dnieper, and given its cyclopean ruins the natives will sell to tourists clay whistles. No, by the way, don't believe it.

Tourists will not come. It they want? It's not the pyramids, not Egyptian.

a Separate category: the pathos of popular protest. When there was a rebellion, it is possible that a senseless and ruthless. When the revolution, also, note, ruthless, but with glimmers of meaning.

It used to be. But as soon as the classical definition of a revolutionary situation gave way to synthetics technology selection of power, licentiousness quite some formed. The so-called "color revolutions" — it's up to what their developers did not respect the indigenous population, which cynically used the squares?

One simple scenario, the only difference in the attributes and nuances. For example, Ukraine made a "orange" version, and for Georgia's "rose." Russia is a white ribbon, not to bother, anyway there is no will, the Maidan will not slip.

But what is the approach, the principle!

the Most in all of this movement is remarkable — the symptoms of internal stupidity and paskudstva participants. There is a regressive trend is growing from stage to stage.

According to all rules it is hard to beat gastroenerology activists of the Kiev event, right? The blood flows, the country is crumbling, and humanoids, and claiming some particular advantage, put on the bestolkovka pans and colanders and feel fine. Proud of myself even. But there is no limit to decadence.

Pots are gone, and their absurd essence plugged. Where, exactly? Out of courtesy for example, for the belt.

Variegated plush female genitalia on the minds of protesters against the election Donald Trump Americans — that it is really a living hell of degradation. Seeing such a swashbuckling rampage vyrozhdenchestva, ask at least two questions.

One of them even practical application. Interestingly, the mass production of this, that normally the head does not retract, has been mastered in this particular case? Or is it a widespread range of shops for.

I don't know the right word, and for whom. So, this product is a common thing? And now she was particularly in demand? Someone has done the business for vaginas? Then much.

the Second question is theoretical. This is the limit? Or next time, he will certainly come, something else will surprise? Not enough imagination to come up with something more outrageous. But it's not enough.

The inventors behind the scenes enough. They have the energy and grip so peaceful.


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