Scientists have found an unexpected cause of sudden death


2017-01-27 00:30:06




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Scientists have found an unexpected cause of sudden death

London, January 27. a Group of British scientists conducted an interesting study that allowed them to see the unexpected cause of premature death among people in recent years. Is not the last role in longevity plays a quality and healthy sleep. This is reported by local media.

during the experiments, the researchers collected information on employees and the hours they spend sleeping.

The aim of the research was to find out what is the cause of reduction in life expectancy.

Experts were observing the participants of this experiment for 17 years. As a result, they found out that the cause of the sudden death of people lies in the limit of sleep. It turned out that those who have spent sleep less than five hours a day, more often faced with problems of the cardiovascular system, which lead to a fatal outcome.

But those people who used to sleep for at least seven hours, the mortality was low.

However, the scientists also found that high mortality was observed in those who slept more than eight hours a day.

What is the reason, experts now find out.

we will Remind, earlier the newspaper reported that scientists have discovered the relationship between brain structure and certain traits.


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