Bill gates and Warren Buffett supported Trump, promising US development


2017-01-28 06:00:11




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Bill gates and Warren Buffett supported trump, promising US development

Washington, January 28. the US will be able to overcome the division and to continue the development with Donald Trump. This was during the speeches at Columbia University, said bill gates and Warren Buffett.

Speaking in front of an audience both of the billionaire flattering spoke to the President of the USA of Donald Trump and his administration. Warren Buffett said that politicians find it difficult to make long-term plans, because they care more about their own reelection than our country is facing the strategic objectives.

However, the billionaire expressed confidence that the Central U.S. will move forward.

bill gates said that the Trump is still too young and not yet known what will come to life with its priorities. The billionaire said that the White house and the U.S. Congress "initiate great things."


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