Actor John hurt of "Deathly Hallows" Saga of Harry Potter, died in England


2017-01-28 04:15:06




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Actor John hurt of

Norfolk (UK), 28 Jan. In the UK in the County of Norfolk on 78-m to year of life has died the actor John hurt. About it informs the Daily Mail newspaper.

According to the newspaper, two-time nominee for the award "Oscar" in 2015, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. However, what was the exact cause of death of the actor, not yet officially reported.

in addition to nominations for important film award on the planet, John hurt became a four-time BAFTA award winner and winner of the award "Golden globe".

British actor debuted on the big screen in 1964, on account of his dozens of roles.

The most famous movies hurt — "Alien, "V for vendetta", "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the crystal skull" and three pieces from the series about Harry Potter.


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