Saturday Trump: US President hold telephone talks and sign the decrees


2017-01-28 03:15:05




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Saturday trump: US President hold telephone talks and sign the decrees

Washington, January 28. a Number of telephone conversations, including with Vladimir Putin, work on the documents related to the signing of several decrees. The press service of the White house told about the plans of Donald Trump on Saturday afternoon.

in addition to traditional work with documents of varying degrees of importance and also viewing TV news U.S. President on Saturday, January 28, will sign a series of Executive decrees which journalists know after the fact.

in addition, today's the day for Trump will be very busy in terms of telephone conversations.

In particular, it is expected that the US President during the Saturday negotiations not only with Vladimir Putin, but the leaders of Japan, Germany, France and Australia.

As in the case of decrees on the possible topics of the talks in the White house is silent. One thing is for sure: the conversation of presidents of Russia and USA will start at 12:00 local time in Moscow will be already eight o'clock.


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