Adviser to Trump ordered the media to "shut up", calling them the opposition


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Adviser to trump ordered the media to

Washington, January 27. a Key adviser to the head of the American state of Donald Trump Stephen Bannon gave an interview to the New York Times, which called all American media by the opposition government and ordered them to "shut up".

the Politician said that all the media in the US should be "upset and humiliated, they need to shut up and listen". He called them opposition parties, which does not understand their country, and which still does not understand that Donald Trump is the President of the United States.

'bannon also said that the media is 100% wrong, when he achieved victory of Hillary Clinton in the presidential elections and was counting on this victory.

He added that "this is a humiliating defeat that they never washed", while noting that the media is "no power".

it is Worth noting that Stephen Bannon until August was head of the News website Breitbart that, unlike many other media, supported by Donald Trump. After this policy has held the position of key Advisor to the election campaign of Trump, and currently he is the principal adviser on strategic issues in the White house.


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