Trump has promised the US army "great restructuring"


2017-01-28 00:45:04




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Trump has promised the US army

Washington, January 28. Donald Trump said about the imminent "great restructuring" of the U.S. army. Their plans, the us President announced during a speech at the Pentagon.

during the visit, the Ministry of defence of the USA Donald Trump has signed a decree on "the great restructuring" of the army.

Event live has broadcast live on many TV channels.

"Today I will sign a decree about a great restructuring of the army, new planes, new ships, new resources and new tools for our men and women in uniform," said Donald Trump before signing the document.

Recall, after last January 20, the inauguration ceremony of Donald Trump managed to take a number of significant U.S. steps, including in the international arena. One of the last foreign policy initiatives of the President's intention to give the Christians of Syria, at the refugee status in the United States.


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