Trump on torture: I think it works


2017-01-27 22:45:04




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 Trump on torture: I think it works

Washington, January 28. Donald Trump confirmed that he considered an acceptable means of fighting terrorism torture those suspected of involvement in the crime.

As said in Donald Trump, reports , even the new head of the Pentagon General Mattis (one of the nicknames is "Mad dog") does not agree with this position of chef. General Mattis said the US President, "he will use it". "I fully agree with him — continued Trump. But I think it works."

At the same time, as emphasized, it is known that Trump was not talking just about torture in General, and about specific forms of torture — when a person is drowned almost to a fatal outcome, and then bring to life.

Recall before it became known that the President of the United States Trump has already prepared a draft document that permits a return to "enhanced" interrogation techniques.


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