Scientists have described how grapes help in the fight against cancer


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Scientists have described how grapes help in the fight against cancer

Barcelona, January 27. a Group of scientists from Spain have conducted many different studies, which allowed to find out that everyone's favorite grapes are not only delicious berry, but also very useful. It has an excellent preventive tool in the fight against skin cancer. According to the researchers, the grapes contain special compounds that also slow the aging process.

This is reported by local media.

it is Worth noting that long before the investigations of Spanish scientists to the grapes showed an increased interest in specialists from around the world.

Spanish experts after the experiments came to an interesting conclusion that make up this product flavonoids have a positive effect on the fabric and protect from processes that are triggered by the action of UV rays.

According to the scientists, their research can help in the development of innovative methods of combating cancer of the skin. They also noted that their experiments were based on the process in which flavonoids affect certain forms of oxygen that damage skin cells.

As it turned out, under the action of ultraviolet rays and oxygen components go into an active state, resulting in oxidation, which stimulates enzymatic reactions and occurs cell death of human skin. Scientists managed to learn about the beneficial properties of grapes, and they found that due to the polyphenolic substances epidermal process can provide protective mechanisms against cancer.

Apart from the fact that the grapes protects from skin cancer, he still is an excellent antioxidant and has a beneficial effect on the heart, helping to better than drugs.

we will Remind, earlier the newspaper reported that scientists found out that genes roommates can have an impact on the health and lifestyle of animals and people.


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