Syria today: the Tigers pushed the militants in Aleppo, VKS RF attack ISIS in Deir ez-Zor


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Syria today: the Tigers pushed the militants in Aleppo, VKS RF attack ISIS in Deir ez-Zor

Syria, January 27. SAA attacked an oil convoy ISIS in es-Sweida, Syrian "Tigers" are advancing towards al-Bab, an ambush for ISIS in Damascus, the air force strikes in Deir ez-Zor. Latest Syria news in review Federal news Agency.


Military SAA attacked a convoy of ISIS

a Missile battalion of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) had a powerful series of strikes on a convoy of militants "Islamic state" (ISIS, ISIL, the Arab — DAISH is a terrorist organization banned by the Supreme court of the Russian Federation) to the East of the province as-Suwayda near the village Ar-Rsad. According to the military source, the soldiers of the SAA neutralized dozens of militants traveling on a country road in the direction of Deir ez-Zor.

Sources say that the inability of terrorists to successfully transport oil from Iraq to Syria (and Vice versa) via Sochi played a decisive role and the government troops moved into the province of as-Suwayda (where one of the routes) in order to stop the movement of terrorist groups.


the"Tigers" in Aleppo

Even a day after the liberation of the village al-Madiun (Aleppo), the men Bashar Assad led an elite unit "Tiger" continue to be exempt from the ISIL militants the strategically important district of the city al-Bab.

South of al-Madiun soldiers of the "Tiger" captured important heights Mushrifa and stormed the town of Deir Gud, lying between the main M4 motorway and Central motorway N212. Two roads is a direct way in the city of al-Bab.

If Syrian troops successfully defend important points that al-Bab will be released this year.



In the province damask in the mountains Kalamun army special forces ambushed the is militants. Five terrorists were eliminated. Government forces seized their weapons.


air force Strikes in Deir ez-Zor

the Russian Pilots videoconferencing quickly eliminated 15 terrorists of the "Islamic state" in the region of Deir ez-Zor, reported the Syrian Observatory for human rights.

Recall that the Russian aerospace forces provide air support for government forces of the Syrian Arab Republic, leading active attack on the position of the IG in the cemetery of Deir ez-Zor. SAA soldiers managed to repel the radicals a few key heights.

The terrorists have a fierce resistance.


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