Breaking news January 27


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Breaking news January 27

Federal news Agency publishes an overview of the main news Friday, January 27.

the Resident of Kharkov phoned in a live broadcast of the Ukrainian TV channel News One from whom he asked why the Russian Federation, which is leading a program called "aggressor" who cares about the population of the Crimea is much more than it did Ukraine. .

the administration of the President of the United States Donald Trump has prepared the necessary documents for the lifting of sanctions against the Russian Federation. About this in his Twitter account announced researcher of the analytical center Atlantic Council Fabrice Potier. .

the Majority of Russians believe that the size of the admissible pension should be 20 to 30 thousand rubles.


a Group of activists in London illegally moved into a mansion owned by Russian billionaire Andrey Goncharenko, writes Daily Mail. .

the New resident of the White house Donald Trump said about obscene remarks singer Madonna in his address, he called the performer is disgusting. .

Thanks to the employee of law enforcement bodies of the Russian capital to the girl, who was in crashed in the Moscow river car managed to survive. .

Former member of Russia testified against Yanukovych.



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