The Savior will not come: Trump's words moved the hands of the "doomsday clock"


2017-01-26 23:45:27




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The Savior will not come: trump's words moved the hands of the

Washington, January 27. Us scientists moved the hands of the "doomsday clock" ahead 30 seconds, stopping them just two and a half minutes to midnight, which symbolizes a nuclear Apocalypse.

"doomsday Clock" is a symbolic barometer, which scientists of the journal Bulletin of Atomic Scientists to assess the level of international tension and the threat of nuclear conflict in the world.

In the log message it is noted that the reason for this decision were, inter alia, statements by the President of the United States Donald Trump on the regime of proliferation of nuclear weapons. During the election campaign Trump has repeatedly declared its intention to achieve the modernization of nuclear arsenals of the United States.

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Note that the arrows are symbolic of the hours were closer to the accident only once: in 1953. When the Soviet Union and the States within a few months conducted the first tests of thermonuclear bombs. The clock was set to the time 23.58.00.

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