Sanctions leaving behind Obama, or What do you expect from Trump's "Russian Americans"


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Sanctions leaving behind Obama, or What do you expect from trump's

it's No secret that a significant majority of Russian citizens who were interested in the UPS and downs of the election campaign in the United States, in varying degrees, although for completely different reasons "rooting" for Donald Trump, the victory which until the last moment seemed impossible. And the "trampoline" was observed in all layers of Russian society, with the exception, perhaps, only part of Russian society, which is called the liberals.

Recall that during his election campaign, Donald Trump has repeatedly made statements that many in Russia have interpreted in this way: say, as only Barack Obama will leave — then, as they say, and begin to live, at least, anti-Russian sanctions will be mitigated, or even cancelled.

And the long-awaited news: it looks like Trump is willing to work for advances, which gave him, the Russians in American media the information appeared that the team of the new head of the White house is reportedly already prepared a draft decree on unilateral lifting of sanctions against Russia. This is reported by several publications, citing unnamed informed sources.

there was Also the information that in the coming hours could be held a telephone conversation between Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Donald Trump.

In this connection it is interesting the position of those who to some extent has led Trump to power — the so-called "Russian Americans" — immigrants from the former USSR, who at the last US presidential elections voted for the candidate-the Republican.

Federal news Agency on condition of anonymity, published a letter of the former Russians living in the South-Western United States, in the city near the border with Mexico.

The woman tells how, having arrived in the United States with relatively liberal views, more typical of those who consistently support the Democratic party, she and many of her supporters have gradually revised its position.

And since the interviewee correspondent FAN addressed his letter to those who, to put it mildly, do not like the new American President, she tried to explain what those are mistaken who judge the situation in the United States from "Russian far".

bring this letter with minor edits.

"you Know, a decent, educated, intelligent Russians would like to in US elections won by the Democratic party, and as there was no one from the Republicans, who, in addition to Trump, would be willing to take responsibility for America in its current state, people dislike Trump.

But, you see, for eight years of Democrats the country has turned into nothing. I'm here almost 25 years. From my observations during the reign of the Republicans all segments of the population were provided with a normal human life, but during the Democrats the middle class began to live much worse.

First is corruption. The Democrats have bought almost all the media.

the Clinton stole what she could. We have many believe that it was invested mostly Muslims, hoping to turn America into a modern Europe with wild number of radical Islamists.

Obama came to power and began to reform medicine. Medicine is unreasonably expensive, but those who are working, have insurance. The sick and the old, mostly immigrants, i.e.

those who did not earn a pension here, had two programs, which are free treated. Obama got it all wrong, gave some routines that employ an incredible number of people, producing nothing and living on taxpayers ' money.

to Understand this all very difficult. Further, the notorious Obamacare (Obamacare — health care reform developed by the Obama team, which has already started to cancel Trump — approx. FAN).

Designed ostensibly for the poor. None of the poor could use it, so it is expensive and inconvenient. Normal doctors do not accept, only supported by those who have no customers.

In the eight years terribly deteriorated criminal situation. Police are not protected.

The first shoot has no right, especially if it is white and the thug black. Police are killed almost every day.

Racism has increased. The operation takes only blacks and Arabs. I am not nationalist, I just see it even in its organization, where you work.

If you ask me what good Obama has done for America, I can't answer.

But bad rife. And a knife in the back to Israel? And on your last day released from prison more than a thousand people: drug dealers and gangsters who were given lifelong.

Trump is not a very nice person, but no war he doesn't want, he has something to lose. To strengthen the borders of America need hope. The wall on the border with Mexico really need: we live on the border and know exactly what is happening.

People crossing illegally, have children here who automatically become U.S. citizens and fully sit on the state. Whose money? Again, those working day and night. Well, a lot more often.

I don't think Trump will interfere in the internal Affairs of Russia, but I hope that he will improve relations, and it would be good for all of us.

Most of all I hope that it will repeal the law Dima Yakovlev." — wrote the former citizen of the USSR.

According to her, she does not want to disclose her name because among her friends and acquaintances a lot of people with completely opposing views, whose feelings she does not want to touch.

"Oh, by the way, I also used to be called Trump's an idiot: his mannerisms, appearance, etc., we will see, as they say in Odessa. One joy that the Democrats freed the White house," finished "Russian American" his letter.


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