Senator frost: a United opposition could again plunge Syria into chaos


2017-01-27 15:45:08




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Senator frost: a United opposition could again plunge Syria into chaos

the Moscow group of so-called Syrian "moderate opposition" will try to unite with other groups to create a unified delegation for negotiations in Geneva. This was reported by one of the representatives of the Syrian opposition , Qadri Jamil. The correspondent of the Federal news Agency discussed with a member of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Igor Morozov the negotiations in Astana, the possibility of creating a single delegation "moderate opposition" and the prospects of the upcoming meeting in Geneva.

According to Kadri Jamil, Russia agreed that the necessary direct negotiations on a political platform in Geneva. Still, he said, the negotiations weren't straight.

It is necessary to unify the Syrian opposition into a single. Jamil said that they will work in this direction.

— Igor, why do the "moderate opposition" failed to collect a single delegation to the meeting in Astana?

Hard to tell. Perhaps, Astana brings them together, which was extremely difficult to do in Syria in war. Now we see members of the armed opposition groups who have taken responsibility for the negotiation process.

However, we can say that there are external forces that wish it was a United opposition, which is easy to manage, manipulate, and solve the problems facing the opposition, say, six months ago.

Then left without any arrangement, and the departure of Syrian President Bashar Assad was nominated as a key requirement for negotiations. All of this may once again disrupt the negotiation process in Geneva. Here this may result in the consolidation of the opposition as a unified force.

— How do you assess the negotiations in Astana?

is Positive. A lot of factors that show that Russian diplomacy has achieved success.

The results are there. The first armed opposition sat at the negotiating table with Damascus, in fact, recognizing the legitimacy of the present government. In addition, the parties were able to agree that alternatives to the negotiation process on the peaceful settlement of the conflict in Syria does not exist. The parties, including the armed opposition, recognize the guarantees of the three countries (Russia, Iran, Turkey) as a basis for further peaceful resolution of the Syrian crisis.

I think, today many signs allow us to hope that already in the territory controlled by the armed opposition and government troops, may be the world, to control who will be the guarantor countries.

Moreover, agreements were reached on the establishment of the Committee monitoring the truce, that is, the ceasefire with the analysis of each case, which may occur in this General area.

— Will the Geneva talks be a success?

No. No breakthrough in Geneva will not, because they will again be the political opposition who lives outside of Syria and is controlled by the Gulf countries. So I think that again everything will revolve around the status of Bashar al-Assad. They are not interested in the cease-fire that was reached in Astana.

Therefore, I would not like to see a United opposition, predstavlyayushie political opposition and the authorities and armed groups who actually control the situation in Syria in many areas.

Therefore, I believe that the format of Astana will always be additional negotiation platform, which will contribute to a peaceful settlement in Syria and is committed to the Geneva process. And in fact, the monitoring Committee of the countries of the guarantors will be real body, which can then be discussed and political issues.

Recall the well-known Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky expressed the view that the transition to a real dialogue on Syria was made possible primarily thanks to the convergence of Iran, Russia and Turkey, which acted as the main organizers of the summit in Astana. He noted that Tehran and Moscow more other States have influence on the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, while Ankara is actively cooperating with the armed forces of "moderate opposition".


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