Germany has updated its 14-year record of population growth.


2017-01-27 15:15:17




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Germany has updated its 14-year record of population growth.

Berlin, January 27. Germany's population last year grew by 600 thousand people due to the influx of refugees into the country. Thus, the population of Germany reached a record high, amounting to 82.8 million people, according to the Federal statistics service.

All in 2016 in Germany came to 750 thousand. This is lower than last year, when the Federal Republic came to 1.1 million people.

Note that the previous record was recorded in 2002, when the population increased to 82.5 million people.

Recall that beginning in 2014, immigration crisis has become the biggest post-war history of Europe and adversely affected the ratings of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who was the main architect of the open door policy for refugees from the Middle East and North Africa.


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