US news: Trump is looking for the dead souls, the state Department boycott of the President


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US news: trump is looking for the dead souls, the state Department boycott of the President

US news, January 27. Trump is dealing with election fraud, officials dismissed from the state Department, Trump broke the presidential tradition donated the suit helped a homeless person back to life, a major leak of diesel in Iowa. Latest news from overseas in the review of the Federal news Agency.


American dead souls

Donald Trump needs to sign an Executive order on the investigation of fraud in elections today, according to Los Angeles Times. The Executive order contains a detailed description of the nature of investigations of widespread fraud in the elections, the White house said.

In an interview with ABC News on Wednesday, Trump once again, without presenting evidence, said that "millions of votes" was forged. He explained that the votes have been cast on behalf of dead people and those who do not have U.S. citizenship. These facts, according to him, were registered in several States.



Administrative team of the Department of state has resigned, according to The Washington Post.

Four senior officials of the State Department "unexpectedly" resigned 25 January 2017. Among them were: Deputy for management Patrick Kennedy, assistant Secretary for administration, Joyce Anne Barr, assistant Secretary of state for consular Affairs Michelle bond, the Director of the office of Foreign missions, Ambassador gentry O. Smith. Rumor has it that they resigned, not wanting to work side by side with the new President.


"back To the woods"

the 45th President of the United States Donald Trump getting on Board Air Force One before departure to Philadelphia, has broken a long-standing presidential tradition: he waved goodbye to the press, reports Media ITE.

However, after landing in Philadelphia, he waved his hand in greeting to the Republican Congress. Twitter users reacted immediately.

"do You think that Trump will be able to wave and smile after climbing stairs? Come on," writes Graham Linehan.

"Oh my God. Media lose it," joked user @DanIsett.


Time to live

a Homeless man found a job after he gave a suit to the interview, according to Portal told the story of Brian Smith, who dreamed of returning to normal life after dismissal from work in February last year.

According to him, life can change in the blink of an eye. After the dismissal of the money supply gradually dwindled, and now 30 days overdue rent, then 60, 90, and threw him out into the street. "Stayed in motels, slept on couches, in the car — everything that could find," he says. Smith spent a year looking for a new job and sent 180 summary in various places, but the answer never came.

He said that over the past 10 months he has lost faith in humanity, in God, in life.

Before the New year the man decided to make another attempt to find a job. On the website ksl he saw a message stating that the company "Utah" gives homeless people suits for job interviews.

Utah — woolen factory and a clothing store in salt lake city, hands out hundreds of costumes for those who need a job. "I didn't think it would happen to me, I have many of them obliged," says Smith. the Brian Smith was the first who found a place thanks to the charity project.


Diesel spill in Iowa

In the US, broke through an underground pipeline running from mid-Western States, reports npr.

The accident spilled 138 thousand gallons of diesel fuel. According to "Radio Iowa" the leak is a 12-inch underground pipe was originally recorded near the farm in North-Central worth County in Iowa.

Officials from the Agency for environmental protection of the United States and the Department of natural resources Iowa state joined to eliminate the accident.


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