New "star wars": the US is building weapons for space, but accuse Russia


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the head of the strategic command of the armed forces of the United States John Khayten said China and Russia are the main opponents of the United States in outer space. According to the statement Haitana, Russia is developing various means to destroy satellites in space, including laser weapons.

"We need to restrain bad behavior in space, and we also need to prevent conflicts in outer space", — said the head of the strategic command of the armed forces of the United States (STRATCOM), speaking to an audience at Stanford University (California). According to Hatena, Russia, created a weapon to destroy satellites in 1980-s, today continues to develop such weapons, including lasers for use in space and "other opportunities that will pose a threat to our satellites".

"in the near future China and Russia will be able to use these tools to threaten any machine that we have in space. We must prevent this," added to his statements, the head of the us STRATCOM.

the Best way to stop the war is to be ready for war, and came to the conclusion Khayten.

How true are these statements of the head of STRATCOM in terms of activity of Russia and China in outer space? And to what extent the United States itself engaged in an arms race in outer space — today and in the future sounded the "nearest future"?

Cornerstone security

the outer space Treaty of 1967 (the full official name of the document: the Treaty on principles governing the activities of States in the exploration and use of outer space, including the moon and other celestial bodies) — today is the main intergovernmental document that governs how relationships between countries in the deployment in space of different weapons, and partly the creation of systems of anti-satellite and missile defense.

Among the principles that formed the basis of this Treaty, ratified by the USSR, USA, China and a hundred countries in the world, contains a prohibition for States parties on the deployment of nuclear weapons or any other weapons of mass destruction in orbit of Earth.

In addition, it is prohibited to install on the moon or any other celestial body, at the station or the satellite in space. This agreement restricts the use of the moon and other celestial bodies exclusively to peaceful purposes and expressly prohibits their use for testing any type of weapons, for the conduct of military maneuvers, or establishing military bases, installations and fortifications. However, the Treaty does not prohibit placing conventional weapons in orbit. It also indicated that the space may not belong to any country.

At the time, the US is largely violated the principles of the outer space Treaty, expanding in the mid 1980-ies a large-scale work on the creation of space missile system, officially called "the Strategic defense initiative (SDI)" and unofficially called "star wars Programme".

Scientific and technological research and deployment of anti-missile satellites in the SDI program was announced by U.S. President Ronald Reagan in his speech of 23 March 1983, and the Soviet works on creating laser and kinetic ASAT weapons of the nature referred to by Hayden, was actually a response to the Soviet Union for the SDI program.

a Loophole which was used by the US in violation of the spirit of the outer space Treaty was that the Treaty was very vague approached the question of the placement in space of weapons other than nuclear or other weapons of mass destruction — in fact, the words "conventional weapons" does not sound "the letter" of the contract, and the possibility of using space for military purposes and for the placing the laser beam, kinetic or any other weapon follows from the principle "what is not forbidden — is allowed".

This principle and used Washington, starting in the 1980's SDI program, and secretly hoping that neither Moscow nor Beijing will not be able to grow to that level of technology, which was founded by the Americans in most systems this programme. However, the reality disproved the expectations of US — to the 1988-1990 years, it became clear that the Soviet Union created its own asymmetric response to SDI in the form of anti-satellite weapons (the project "the pole" and similar). And in 2007, its anti-satellite system has demonstrated, and China, exploding with kinetic weapons of its own satellite, to develop the resource.

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Today the U.S.

plans for using outer space still rely on the attempts of preserving the technological and military leadership, although since the mid 2000-ies it is clear that both Russia and China can more simple, effective and cheap means to ensure the fight against U.S. satellites are the "eyes" and "ears" of any prospective system American military space group.

the Heirs SOY

it Should be noted that the call for the reincarnation of "star wars Programme", which has been mentioned in the statement Hatena is just a public statement of a known fact: work on missile and space weapons along the line of the Pentagon in the US has never stopped — and now is a good time for public deployment in large-scale system.

it is Enough to mention that, despite the official closing of the system development of the SDI program in the years 1990-1994, most of the technological developments of this large-scale programme has been applied in later U.S. air defense, missile defense and anti-satellite weapons.

So, for example, officially closed in 1994, the system of "brilliant pebbles", which meant the removal in a threatening period of the mass of the kinetic interceptor in a low orbit to engage the start of ICBMs of the enemy, found its continuation in the modern American systems, Euro-PRO and the interceptor PRO type GBI already deployed in Alaska. The kinetic warhead of the modern missiles are almost completely repeats the design, once developed for the "Brilliant pebbles".

the same can be said about the space railgun (CHECMATE).

A significant problem of space-based railguns became a large energy consumption and heat generation, the withdrawal of which in space would have caused the need for large size radiators and powerful source of energy. In the end, the program railguns under SOYBEAN was canceled, but gave a powerful impetus to the development of railguns as weapons for use on Earth (for example, in the destroyer class "Zumwalt"). Program space railgun was transformed into a programme legalizovat gun, which can be quite away from the mass of unpleasant restrictions railgun technology.

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Continuing in the US and work in space combat lasers, though here, based on the weight of technical limitations, the successes are much more modest.

So mentioned by John Hitena efforts of Russia and China in the creation of protivogaze, designed to balance the American development of space weapons can be assessed from a completely different point of view: any perfect sword requires an equally powerful shield to protect myself.

Russia And China the American shield against the sword all the time improve. Because also understand that "the best way to stop the war is to be ready for war."


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