Scientists have calculated, what dose sleep fatal to humans


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Scientists have calculated, what dose sleep fatal to humans

London, January 27. British scientists have discovered how the limit of sleep affects the human lifespan. The study involved more than 10 thousand professionals watched them for almost 17 years. In the end, doctors found a strange relationship between average sleep duration and mortality.

the Experiment was conducted by the employees of the University of Warwick and Imperial College London.
It turned out that people who slept five or fewer hours a day were dying twice as often.

The cause of death was cardiovascular disease. The mortality rate in this category was 1.7 times higher than among the category of respondents who slept seven hours a day.

the High mortality rate was recorded in people sleeping more than 8 hours, however, these study participants, the doctors did not reveal the tendency to diseases of the blood vessels and heart.

While the authors are unable to say exactly what the biological mechanisms associated with these findings.


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