The expert explained why Warsaw will pay US any money for Patriot


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The expert explained why Warsaw will pay US any money for Patriot

Moscow, December 8. the Statement of the Deputy Minister of defence of Poland Bartosz Kovnatskogo of the "unacceptable account" for the American Patriot, exhibited by Washington, it is an invitation to bargain, but Warsaw will pay in any case, says a senior researcher of the Institute of Slavic studies, an expert on Poland Vadim Volobuev.

Kownacki previously called "unacceptable" for Poland account USA put Warsaw for the system of air and missile defense Patriot PAC-3+. According to him, government is ready to pay no more than 30 billion zlotys ($7.5 billion), the United States demanded 37 billion (10.5 billion dollars).

According to experts, Poland is "firmly convinced that Russia could attack at any moment" because the country needs the American system air defense/missile defense Patriot.

"If the Americans insist, the poles will pay 10 billion. It is interesting that to speak about money started, the representatives of the Ministry of defense — it is logical to set him up with the Ministry of Finance," said Volobuev.

Warsaw is seeking to have a versatile army, in spite of the growing popularity of the NATO trend towards saving and specialization. Authorities have set a goal to become the main pillar of NATO in the region in case of war with Russia. The Polish defense Ministry intends to spend over 130 billion PLN (about 43 billion dollars)for the purchase of arms and military equipment in the next few years.

According to the analyst, the funds for the Patriot of Poland may seek savings in welfare increase taxes and to restrain the payment of some portion of the supported population.

However, it is possible that Warsaw will try to get the Patriot at any cost, Volobuev said in an interview.


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