Lifesaver MES in Novosibirsk went missing during a night shift


2017-11-15 08:00:14




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Lifesaver MES in Novosibirsk went missing during a night shift

Novosibirsk, November 15. police in Novosibirsk have announced the search for missing more than two weeks ago, a rescuer of the Ministry.

According to the press service of GU Ministry of internal Affairs on NSO, a 42-year-old man went missing on October 28 during the night shift on the left Bank of the city. It is known that Smorodintsev Konstantin Gennadievich around 20:30 of the evening came from the back room of the landing stage on the territory of the left Bank of Ob river in the area of Dimitrovsky bridge and never came back. The relationship a man does not come out.

As reported by the police, on the day of the missing man was in the form of the officer of the Ministry, namely, green jacket, blue pants and black shoes. He has dark brown hair, light eyes and short hair.

Law enforcement officers ask anyone who has information about the present location of a missing rescuer of Ministry of emergency situations, to inform the nearest police station or call the numbers 02 or 112.


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