Fled to Dagestan Nizhny Novgorod schoolgirl sleeping from the "career" of suicide bombers of ISIS


2017-01-29 13:15:11




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Fled to Dagestan Nizhny Novgorod schoolgirl sleeping from the

Makhachkala, January 29. the FSB managed to rescue from the captivity of militants in Dagestan, the senior that tried to recruit one of the terrorists.

it is Reported that the girl lived and studied in Nizhny Novgorod. On the Internet, she met a young man. To meet him, the girl fled from the house in Dagestan, TASS reports.

a New "friend" at first, the girl who promised mountains of gold, after her arrival changed dramatically and began to demand from her unquestioning obedience, and threatened with physical violence if she will not comply with its requirements.

For several days she was in captivity of militants of the Islamic state (a terrorist organization banned in Russia) to a mountain village, until the staff came to the FSB.

According to some reports, the militants wanted to turn a naive girl into a suicide bomber.


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