Year-old child died in the fire in Yakutia


2017-01-28 06:30:09




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Year-old child died in the fire in Yakutia

Berdigestyakh (Yakutia), 28 Jan. Body year-old child was found by rescuers at analysis of fire in the village of Berdigestyakh the Mountain region of Yakutia. About it reports TASS.

As it became known, a huge fire started in the village the night before — on fire 8-unit apartment building. The fire was in the apartment mother with two children with a parent managed to get out of the building and a two year old boy — no.

a Total of homes were evacuated 13 people, including seven children.

Suffered the mother of a dead child, which received 22% body burns and were hospitalized.

Adding that rescuers were unable to cope with the heat for 13 hours. According to preliminary data, the cause of the accident was a short in the wiring.


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