Almost 200 people looking for a missing schoolgirl in Novokuznetsk


2017-01-27 09:15:13




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Almost 200 people looking for a missing schoolgirl in Novokuznetsk

London, January 27. employees of the interior Ministry, the emergencies Ministry, military personnel and volunteers Novokuznetsk — only about two hundred people — conduct searches on the eve of a missing 12-year-old Victoria R.

In the first place was proven shops, restaurants, public transport and abandoned buildings in the city, however, until the girl was found. According to SU RF IC in the region, the girl went to visit his sister, who was supposed to meet her at the bus stop, but on the way Vika had disappeared, and the mobile phone was switched off. Also investigated the reasons why the child was gone.

"the Family of minors is characterized by a positive, quarrels before the disappearance was not. A survey of classmates and friends has not produced results.

At the moment, studied the way girls from the house and is also searching for motorists with DVRs, which passed with 19:15 to 20:00 in the alley district of Aktobe", — reported in the SU IC in the Kemerovo region.

the disappearance of conducted investigation, its results may be prosecuted.


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