Putin has demonstrated "smart" house of the future in the office of "Russian grids"


2017-11-14 16:30:07




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Putin has demonstrated

Moscow, November 14. Russian President Vladimir Putin has demonstrated "smart" house of the future in the Moscow office of "Rossetti".

"the System "smart" metering and control of consumption is an element of the electric grid complex of the next generation, it allows you to effectively manage the loads of all appliances", — stated in the message "Russian grids".

as a result, consumption of electricity reduced by 30% and efficiency increases of up to 30%.

exposure to Russian President also presented the Urals scientists developed robot "Cantonada", which monitors the status of power lines.

Vladimir Putin held a meeting on issues of development of electric power industry in the Moscow office of JSC "rosseti". In a videoconference, the head of state took part in the ceremony of commissioning of substations "Vostochnaya", "Stadium", the launch of which completed the preparation of grid infrastructure for the 2018 world Cup, reported the press service of the Kremlin.


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